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Chan Pen Restaurant

Like most of the great restaurants serving excellent good old-fashioned Thai food in Phuket, Chan Pen didn’t bother much with the design. Clean, bright and functional, the restaurant cooks great Isan food including some delicious specialities hard to find in Phuket. If you happen to be in Phuket town and you want to try some northeastern food, or if you are missing it, here are some of the delicious dishes you can try.


One of our favourites is the ‘Jim Joom’ aka ‘Jaew Hon’ which means ‘hot dried-chilli dipping sauce’, a fun way to cook your own veggies and meat in a cute clay pot placed on a charcoal barbecue and brought to your table. It reminds of a Thai suki but it really tastes different and we would really recommend you to try it too. We ordered few unusual dishes such as ‘Nom Voua Yang‘ which is a rather weird textured barbecued cow’s breasts, and some duck’s beaks; Faa’s all times favourite. Try this one, it actually tastes very good!


Then you have all the classics: Som Tam (green papaya spicy salad), Soup No Mai (Bamboo shoots salad), Tam Sua (a mixed tough spicy salad), Tam Appen (similar to Som Tam but with apples), Nam Tok (beef salad), Moo Yang (barbecued pork) all served with Kao Niaow, the sticky rice that goes so well with these dishes.

You might say that all these are not much different from other local Thai places, but go to Chan Pen and try them, you might think differently.

Chan Pen restaurant is located on Luang Por Wat Chalong Road.


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