Da Maurizio Italian Restaurant in Patong Beach

Da Maurizio Italian Restaurant in Patong Beach
Da Maurizio Italian Restaurant in Patong Beach
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Da Maurizio Italian Restaurant

Da Maurizio well known ‘Italian dinner over the beach with a sunset’ is not your everyday Italian restaurant. As it is rather expensive you might want to keep it for a special occasion. If like us you enjoy great food in a romantic atmosphere, you should dine there at least once during your stay.  Da Maurizio is right on a small beach between Patong beach and Kalim beach so try to make it on time to enjoy an amazing sunset. As the light slowly declines on the sea, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy some cocktail while ordering from the many appetizing dishes on the menu. Wine list is impressive, but I just ordered Sauvignon Blanc wine by the glass and it was more than perfect.


Cozy with soft lights, lively without being noisy, Da Maurizio is a great place for a tete a tete. But you should really book early to get a table by the beach! The background music is just right, they thankfully avoided the latest ‘smooth but cheap’ remakes of all the old 80’s rock songs you can now hear from wanna be trendy restaurants… and to supermarkets. Service is fast, efficient and friendly.

We ordered beef Carpaccio with Truffle, Caprese ‘Revisited’ as it was called, Lamb and Fusili Bolognese… All this sounds pretty simple, but it is often in simple dishes you can recognize great ingredients. And a chocolate mousse for dessert. Each portion was quite well served, but we had no problem eating it all. Note that Da Maurizio Restaurant can also accommodate small groups.


This long awaited dinner was as great as we expected it, and despite the bill being a bit high, we were very satisfied and there is no doubt we will go again (expect to pay around 2,500 baht per person, excluding drinks) ‘Da Maurizio’ is now on our ‘10 Most Romantic Restaurants in Phuket‘.

Da Maurizio Bar Ristorante

Address: 223/2 Prabaramee Road Patong (Just next to Novotel Patong)
Tel: 076 344 079
Reservation: Advanced bookings are recommended

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