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Bucha Gallery & Restaurant

A Beautiful and Delicious Restaurant in Chalong

Bucha Gallery & Restaurant is a superb venue where guests can enjoy Thai antiques and authentic southern cuisine, run by the talented Chef Wina who learned home cooking from her mother Kae Ying as she ran a shop on the market in Pak-Phanang Nakhon Si Thammarat, which is located 200 kilometres east of Phuket, on the east coast of Thailand.

Bucha Gallery and Restaurant in Chalong, Phuket

Bucha Gallery & Restaurant looks modest from the outside and is easily missed as cars tend to drive fast in this part of Chao Fa Road, just opposite of Land and Houses estate. As you pass the door, the decoration is surprising, both sophisticated and elegant in a well-balanced way. The walls are covered with paintings, statues of monks and Buddhas, and a lot of those typical amulets so important to Thai culture. The team is also dressed simply and elegantly which adds a touch to the experience.

Bucha Gallery and Restaurant in Chalong, Phuket

On Saturday, the restaurant often plays Thai classical music, or Jazz music from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm, and it is a good idea to book in advance on these nights.

The food at Bucha Gallery & Restaurant

We were four people so it was nice to be able to share many dishes, the way it should always be done when enjoying Thai food at the restaurant. The food was so beautifully presented, with great attention to detail, and many dishes came with edible flowers as decoration. Thankfully, the menu is widely illustrated with beautiful photos, and there is an English version to help you select.

Bucha Gallery and Restaurant in Chalong, Phuket

Like often in this kind of upmarket restaurant, the prices at Bucha Gallery & Restaurant are a bit on the high side, with an average of 400 baht per dish, but look at our photos, this is not your usual dining experience, but a place to go for a special event or for those who appreciate this unique kind of cuisine.

Yum Samun Pai (Mixed Herb Salad)

Bucha Gallery and Restaurant in Chalong, Phuket

Bite-sized pieces of delicate Seabass are served chilled, creating a refreshing starter, light lunch or dinner. The star of the dish is a vibrant mix of seven fresh herbs: (shallots, khalif leaves, lime, lemongrass, chilli, and gingers). These fragrant herbs are artfully combined with a savoury dressing of fish sauce and palm syrup, creating a perfect balance of sweet, salty, and sour flavors. Each bite is a delightful explosion of taste and aroma, making this mixed herb seabass salad a truly unforgettable culinary experience.

Khao Yum (Herbal Rice Salad)

Bucha Gallery and Restaurant in Chalong, Phuket

Chef Wina’s Family Herbal Rice Salad recipe from Na Khorn Sitamarat province. This dish consists of various fresh herbs such as rose apple pear fruit, small stink beans, star beans, betel leaves, khalif leaves, sweet radish stir-fried with minced shrimps, roasted coconut, rice crackers, fish floss, lemongrass, ginger, and sesbania flowers.

This dish is served with rice and side condiments: chilli flakes, pickled morning glory, boiled egg, bodu fish sauce, and family curry paste. This dish is an all-time customers’ favourite. It brings out the freshness of each herb and the complex flavour that sparks diners’ palates.

Yum Ple Gluey (Banana Blossom Salad)

Bucha Gallery and Restaurant in Chalong, Phuket

Banana Blossom Salad with Prawn is a refreshing and vibrant salad featuring unique textures and bursts of flavour. This dish contains freshly cut banana blossom, sliced shallots, chopped chilli, Krabi cashew, jumbo prawns, and boiled eggs.

Tom Lakum Pla Klapok (Tom La Khum Mullet Fish)

Bucha Gallery and Restaurant in Chalong, Phuket

This unique fish soup from Na Khorn Si Thammarat boasts a vibrant and tangy flavour profile. Freshly caught mullet fish, sourced directly from local Pak Phanang fishermen, simmers in a fragrant broth infused with the elusive La Khum fruit. There are several key ingredients such as palm vinaigrette and La Khum fruit that must be imported from Na Khorn Si Thammarat.

Loon Khung Som (Pickled Shrimp Salad)

Bucha Gallery and Restaurant in Chalong, Phuket

Loon Khung Som is a vibrant appetizer or side dish bursting with tangy pickled flavours. The star here is a type of pickled freshwater small shrimps that have been cooked or steamed until tender. The pickling process imbues the shrimps with a sharp, savoury taste that is balanced by the addition of a fluffy steamed egg.

Pla Dok Talay Tod Camin (Wild Caught Catfish)

Bucha Gallery and Restaurant in Chalong, Phuket

The star of the show is the garlic. Its sharp, salty bite complements the natural sweetness of the catfish perfectly. Each crispy bite explodes with flavour, transporting you straight to the heart of southern Thai cuisine. This isn’t your average fried fish dish – the focus is on the pure taste of fresh, high-quality catfish, expertly enhanced by the simple yet powerful combination of turmeric and garlic.

Moo Kluay Glua (Salted Pork Belly)

Bucha Gallery and Restaurant in Chalong, Phuket

This dish features bite-sized pieces of pork belly, each one a masterpiece of crispy perfection. The secret lies in the salt crust – a blanket of coarse salt that bakes onto the pork, creating a shatteringly crisp exterior. Beneath, the pork belly is melt-in-your-mouth tender and bursting with savoury flavour.

Cloud Coffee

Bucha Gallery and Restaurant in Chalong, Phuket

A rich, bold double espresso shots, then gently fold in airy egg white, creating a cloud-like texture. This smooth concoction is poured over chilled milk, creating a stunning contrast of hot and cold.

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Bucha Gallery and Restaurant Info

Location: Chalong
Address: 26/156 Chao Fah Tawan Ok Rd, Chalong, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket, Thailand, Phuket
Hours: 11 am – 10 pm (Wednesday closed)
Phone: 061 176 5562

Bucha Gallery and Restaurant Map

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