Seafood by the mangrove on Phuket east coast

Tasak Seafood is a modest but excellent local restaurant serving inexpensive seafood in a beautiful seaside location in Paklok. Paklok is a region on the east coast of Phuket that very few people take the time to explore unless they visit the Bang Pae Waterfall or play golf at Mission Hill. The restaurant is hard to find but rewarding, it feels like having lunch at the terrace of someone’s house, which is actually the case. The owner and his wife are very friendly and can help to recommend the best dish of the day.

The view from the restaurant terrace is quite unique and while most travellers associate seaside dining in Phuket with white sandy beaches, sitting by the mangrove feels a lot more authentic. Small fishing boats come in and out, and local kids play happily in the mangrove in front of the restaurant.

What we ordered

Thai food is always better when enjoyed as a group of friends or family as dishes are placed in the centre of the table and shared, but we were only 2 people on that day, so our selection was rather small. The portions are generous, and the price of each dish is really low. Note that Tasak Seafood does not serve alcohol.

Nam Choop Yum / Nam Prik Kayum (น้ำชุบขยำ / น้ำพริกขยำ)

Relish with fresh shrimp Phuket style served with fresh boiled vegetables (80 Baht)

Pla Kao Tod (ปลาเก๋าทอด )

Deep-fried grouper fish with fried garlic (200 baht)

Tom Yum Hua Pla (ต้มยำหัวปลา)

We used the head part of the grouper fish listed above to make tom yum: if the fish is too big for you, you can ask the kitchen to split it into 2 dishes.

Honey Lemon Soda

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Tasak Seafood Info

Location: Paklok (Phuket east coast)
Address: 19/58 Moo 4, Soi Thasak, Pa Klok, Thalang District, Phuket 83110
Open: 11 am -9 pm
Phone: 093 619 1525
Price: low

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