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Khaotom Thanon Dibuk

Khao Tom Thanon Dibuk is a local restaurant famous for its morning rice porridge and noodle soup, located on Phang Nga Road in the back of Phuket Town, and only open from 6 in the morning to 12 pm. The restaurant got listed three years in a row in the Michelin Guide for Thailand.

The shop is a a little far from the city center, and if you are a little familiar with Phuket Town, the name ‘Dibuk’ can be misleading as Dibuk Road is really downtown. This is because the restaurant moved to a new location in 2001 but kept the original name that means ‘Rice Porridge on Dibuk Road’. Once you know that, it is not surprising than the majority of the dishes listed on the menu are variations around rice porridge and noodle soups.

What to order

The fun part is to try a different combination each time you come. You can select 3 different types of rice: Khao Suay (plain rice), Khao Tom (porridge) and Jok (porridge with crushed rice, with a creamier consistency.

If you prefer noodles, choose from Mie Sua (a local thin wheat noodle), Sen Mee (thin noodle), Taochiam (Thick noodles), Mama noodle (which, surprisingly are those instant noodles you buy in small packs), Woon Sen (transparent vermicellis)

Then, select the ingredients:
Pork: minced meat, bone, cartilage, tail, liver
Fish: fish fillet, fish-head
Egg: raw egg, hot spring egg, salted egg, century egg
Toppings: seaweed, cheese

And finally, the soup! You can then order it ‘Heng‘, which means dry, with the soup brought in a separate bowl, Nam Sai: served in a clear soup, or Nam Dam: served in a special of the house dark brown soup, with a much stronger taste.

The price of each dish is then calculated according to the many possible combinations. It is fun and truly a local Phuket experience.

Khao Tom Thanon Dibuk Info

Location: Phuket Town
Address: 185 11 Phangnga Rd, Taladyai Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000
Hours: 6 am – 12 pm
Phone: 081 535 9302
Price: cheap
Specialty: Porridge & Noodles

Khao Tom Thanon Dibuk Map

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