A modest but excellent Thai restaurant in Kathu

Krua Ohm is a small and modest local Thai restaurant in Kathu with a mention on the famous Michelin Guide for two consecutive years. The restaurant, hidden between Patong Beach and Phuket Town, is so discreet on the side of a street of Kathu, you will probably miss it the first time you drive in front of it, even if you are really trying to locate it. The signboard above the shop is tiny and only written in Thai.

Once you found the place, the team at Krua Ohm Restaurant will be happy to help you order one of their unique specialities:

Eiam Tor

Eiam Tor (Salted Fried pork armpit ) is a dish recommended by Khrua Ohm Restaurant. This cut of pork can be mistaken for pork belly but is actually found under the pig’s armpit. We’ve only seen Phuket people using this part of the pork, and so far, nowhere else in the south. The dish is not fatty and perfect to have with a beer or rice or accompany the popular Gang Som (an orange sour and spicy fish soup).

Koong Phad Cha Ohm Kai Kem

Koong Phad Cha Ohm Kai Kem (Prawn with acacia leaves and salted eggs) is also on their recommended list. This prawn is fresh and comes in good size – not tiny like in cheap places. This is a special dish we have never found on any other menu before. It doesn’t disappoint: the prawns were cooked to perfection — not overcooked and not half raw. The taste goes amazingly well with pungent acacia leaves and the salted egg. At first, it seems a strange mix, but it really works.

Pla Tom Tao-Chiew

Pla Tom Tao-Chiew (Fermented Bean Spicy Soup with Fish). The soup is light with fresh Tom Yam fragrant and lime. Think of Tom Yam with fermented bean soup. The dish seems to be a Phuket thing as well. Unfortunately, the fish meat was a little too hard in this otherwise excellent dish.

Just because it’s the latest trend in Thailand, the restaurant also sells Cannabis cold tea. It’s fun because it’s a novelty, and it just tastes like regular iced tea, but it gives you something fun to talk about or share on social media.

Krua Ohm may be hard to find, but it is worth a stop for a local lunch if you are in this area.

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Khrua Ohm Restaurant Info

Location: Kathu
Address: 2/99 Mu 2, Wichit Songkhram Road, Phuket, 83120, Thailand
Phone: 076 631 523
Open: 10.30 am – 9 pm
Price: cheap

4.4/5 - (5 votes)

Khrua Ohm Restaurant Map

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