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Phuket Butterfly Garden

Note: Phuket Butterfly Garden has permanently closed down

The Phuket Butterfly Garden might not be the greatest attraction of all times, but your kids will love it, and you might too. If you are a macro photo passionate, you will get plenty of great shots without having to ambush yourself for hours. Located on the west side of Phuket Town, Phuket Butterfly Garden gives you a chance to walk among a large number of tropical butterflies. The place is a large garden enclosed in a gigantic cage and most butterflies will mind their own business as you pass by. Fruits are placed in several strategic points to help visitors get some easy shots, but I prefer the natural background of a flower or a leaf. This way I can pretend I actually hid in a bush to get that rare insect close up.

The butterfly area naturally attracts most people right away, but other displays are quite interesting if you are a bit curious about local and tropical insects. You can stare into the many eyes of some big furry tarantulas and their hairy cousins or check how many legs giant millipedes really have.

An entire room is dedicated to displaying information on the natural habitat of many species, beetles, bugs, even the eatable ‘Giant Water Bug‘. The one you might have seen grilled in local markets.

Another room has a nice collection of pinned butterflies, including some rare specimen and a bit of their history and a large pond in the centre of the garden is popular with kids enjoying fish feeding. I’m not a great fan of zoos and animals in captivity, but I must admit that I ended up spending a lot more time in there than I intended too.

How to get to Phuket Butterfly Garden:

Drive past Lotus Shopping Center direction Bangkok Hospital Phuket and take the second traffic light to the left where a large sign will point at the Butterfly Garden. Drive few kilometres and it will be on your right-hand side, it’s well indicated anyway.

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The Phuket Butterfly Garden is #12 on Phuket101 – Phuket Map

Willy Thuan
Born in France a long long time ago, I started to travel the world early and never stopped until I settled in Thailand in 1994. Then for the past 27 years, my passion for photography and my natural curiosity has taken me to every corner of Thailand, jumping frequently between Bangkok and Phuket and basically everywhere I could go. I run Phuket101.net and manage large international online travel guides.
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