Go Kart in Phuket

Go Kart in Phuket
Go Kart in Phuket
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Go Kart in Phuket

Go Kart in Phuket – Need a bit of adrenaline rush to shake the sloth out of your lazy day on the beach but you don’t want to get ‘too physical’? Here is one that shouldn’t be too tiring: Go Kart. It’s fast, loud. exciting and fun to compete with friends. There are two Go Kart tracks on the island and strangely, they are facing each other near Patong, just passed the hill and close to Kathu. Patong Go Kart Speedway is really obvious and you can’t miss it when driving by this road. The other, Phuket Kart Speedway, is just across the street, but apart from a sign board, you will not notice it.

1) Patong Go Kart Speedway (#4 on map)

Nice and neat, it seems to be good for beginners. Despite having fast karts available at the pit, I more often see slow karts chasing each other. Drivers must be at least 16 years old to drive but you can take your kids in the back seat of double karts, as long as they are at least 1,25 cm tall. – Normal Karts : 15 mn rides 750 Baht – 2 Seater Kart : 10 mn 650 Baht – Race Kart : 10 mn 1.000 Baht

2) Phuket Kart Speedway (#5 on map below)

Phuket Kart Speedway is another league…. two stroke engines is fast, loud and impressive. A small car even gives you a push to gain maximum speed right from the start, and they are kind enough to also give you the price list for any damage part, so you won’t go too wild (see photo).

Phuket Kart Speedway also offers the full range of karts, from beginners to advanced
15 mn rides: Double Seat: 600 Baht 4 Stroke Engines – 50 to 70 Kph is 600 to 800 baht 2 stroke engines (real fast): – 100 cc – 100 Kph
– 125 cc – 120 KpH (1,500 Baht)
– 125 cc – 120 ++ KpH (2,000 Baht)
(More than 120 KpH… seriously?)



Patong Go Kart Speedway is #4 – Phuket Kart Speedway is #5 on Phuket101 – Phuket Map

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