What is Phuket FantaSea?

Phuket FantaSea is a hugely popular show involving dancers and a dozen adult elephants. This massive show is on the ground of a large theme park located in Kamala Beach. After almost 20 years, the FantaSea show is still going strong, welcoming million visitors each year. Tourists from around the world enjoy a dazzling performance narrating the legend of Kamala, which in this story is a jungle with a mythical palace surrounded by elephants.

Suvannamaccha Mermaid at Phuket FantaSea in Kamala Beach

The Park

The Phuket FantaSea park is immense and designed to entertain you for several hours before the show. You can enjoy shops, shops and more shops plus some coffee shops. A couple of fun fairs keep the kids busy, and you might even win a couple of stuffed animals. Of course, you have to pay to play the games (on top of the entrance fee), and the prize is probably cheaper than the game, but you get the bragging rights.

Real Elephants are part of the Phuket Fantasea Show

The park is beautifully crafted, designed around Thai mythology and legends theme, with endless photo and selfies opportunities. The restaurant and the main building where you will see the show are particularly impressive.

Dinner at Golden Kinaree Restaurant

Beyond a dozen bright and colourful traditional Thai boats, we reach the Golden Kinaree restaurant resembling a large golden temple. The dinner is optional, but we decided to give it a try so we could at least write about it. Passed the large doors, we just froze for a second: We never saw such humongous dining room in our entire life!

The Golden Kinnaree Buffet Restaurant

A room capable of hosting 4,000 seats is larger than a soccer field! The decor at Golden Kinaree is beautiful, and the buffet is acceptable, but it’s the opposite of an intimate restaurant. You better to enjoy a nice dinner in Kamala Beach before coming to the FantaSea Phuket show.

The Setting

The crowd rushes to the theatre as soon as they announce the show. Even though everyone booked their seats in advance, there seem always to be an urge to get in front of the queue!

Phuket Fantasea Theater seen from outside

Visitors are not allowed to take photos inside the theatre and must deposit your cameras at dedicated counters. Phuket FantaSea has always been very strict on this point. We never managed to get an authorisation to shoot inside the theatre, sorry!

The large theatre accommodates 3,000 persons. If you get bad luck and end up in a back seat or on the 2nd floor, the elephants will look as big as frogs. Get yourself a ‘Gold Seat’, it’s not much more, and you get to be closer.

The Show at Fantasea Phuket

The show starts with a caravan of massive elephants walking through the audience, followed by performers in Thai costumes. It’s impressive and surreal, probably the best part of the show. The show starts once everyone reaches the stage in a great display of sound and light effects.

Phuket Fantasea

The FantaSea show narrates the history of Kamala, but we suspect nobody follows the story past the first 5 minutes. Actors, dancers and acrobats smoothly perform a well-rehearsed show. The flying Thai angels and the acrobats spinning above the audience’s head get all the attention. Some scary clowns coming straight out of a Stephen King novel do a bit of magic. They didn’t seem to have anything to do with Thai mythology, but front stage performance allows the crew to change the set behind closed curtains! 🙂

Golden Kinaree restaurant

Epic battles scenes and traditional dances end with the return of the elephants. That part is has a little disturbing ‘circus’ feel to it. For the grand final, the good guys rescue the princess: the audience is happy and cheers. My favourite part of the show? The bunch of crazy chickens that run in a neat line across the stage. How do they do that?

Fantasea Amusement Park

Phuket FantaSea is a pretty good show and a decent attraction park. It might feel a bit ‘mass tourism’ to some. Kids will love the colourful game zones and the brightly lit buildings, and the massive temples might impress adults. There is a bit of controversy regarding the elephants involved in the show — some elephants standby near the restaurant for a photo or a short ride. Lately riding elephants isn’t cool anymore and Elephant Sanctuaries are becoming more popular.

Phuket FantaSea Hours

Location: 99 Moo 3, Kamala Beach
Open: 5.30 pm – 11.30 pm – Phuket FantaSea closes on Thursdays
Phone: 076 385 000

Phuket FantaSea Tickets Prices

Show only: 1,800 baht
Show plus buffet dinner: 2,200 baht – Child 2,000
Transfer from any hotel in Phuket: 350 baht.
Gold Seat extra charge: 350 baht (closer to the stage)

Ticket TypesAdult Prices
(Thai Baht)
Child Prices
(Thai Baht)
Standard seats1,8001,800
Standard seats + Dinner2,2002,000
Gold seats2,1502,150
Gold seats + Dinner2,5502,350
Standard seats + Transfer2,1502,150
Standard seats + Dinner + Transfer2,5502,350
Gold seats + Transfer2,5002,500
Gold seats + Dinner + Transfer2,9002,700

Phuket FantaSea Photos

Phuket Fantasea Street View

Download Phuket Fantasea Directions

If you are on mobile, add the map here: https://goo.gl/maps/mX4vD1ZSXVtGVGNn9

Where is Phuket FantaSea?