Pak Nam Seafood Restaurant Phuket

Pak Nam Seafood in Phuket Town is a great Thai restaurant located off the tourist areas. It’s very well know from locals and residents who like to bring friends for a casual lunch, or just a dinner if you are in a mood for good seafood. You can sit in the main open air room, at the terrace or in one of the air-con rooms. The menu is surprisingly long, decently illustrated and in English. Staff can also speak enough English to take your order.

We have been to Pak Nam many times and here if you need some recommendations, here is what we like to order as you can see on the photos:

  • ‘Pla Sai Tok Kamin’ – small deep fried fishes with turmeric.
  • ‘Pad Pak Miang Koong Seab’ – green leaves with dry shrimps.
  • ‘Pla Ka-Pong Nung’ – a large steamed fish.
  • ‘Yum Toa Poo’ – green beans salad with squid.
  • ‘Kaeng Poo’ with ‘Bee Hoon’ – Crab curry with rice vermicelli.
  • Tom Yum Talay‘ which we don’t need to introduce anymore.
  • One of their specialty is ‘Pla Jalamed’ – white Pomfret fish with mushroom and soya sauce.
  • ‘Taow Toey’ – the same dish but with grey Pomfret fish, more expensive and of course it tastes even better.

Paknam Seafood Restaurant Phuket

Pak Nam Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and can be busy on some days in which case it can take some time to be served. Price is very affordable and if you are more than four guests, you should really consider booking in advance.

It’s not really easy to find Pak Nam so better use the map below. You will have to turn right at the traffic lights just past the Mission Hospital located just at the city limit, on the way from town to airport.

Paknam Seafood Phuket

Pak Nam Seafood

Address: 52/220 Ratsadanuson Rd, Phuket Town
Tel: 076 240240
Open: 10.30 am – 10.30 pm

Pak Nam Seafood Map

Pak Nam Seafood Restaurant Phuket
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