Soi Lion

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Soi Lion

Update: Soi lion has been closed, and the whole thing has been taken down, and Bangla Shopping Mall will be built instead (see photo).

At one point, it became a local funfair with a lot of drink sellers, a beer garden and some lousy bands playing in the back. Until then, I never noticed how big the place was. It now is just a huge hole hidden by some temporary street shops.

Now, for the few who used to like the place, we found the ‘Stockholm Bar’ at the end of ‘Soi Sansabai’, which is the street opposite of Soi Bangla after crossing Rat-U-Thit road. Unfortunately, it’s not as nice, and it seems to be on the verge of closing, too remote to really attract anyone.

Recently some of the Stockholm Bar staff have moved back to ‘Lion Bar’ (what a surprise) in the new set of bright bars just built-in Soi Bangla, next to defunct Soi Lion… and it’s always crowded! You then realize the girls at Lion Bar still know how to catch people’s attention!

What was Soi Lion?

Small, totally unpretentious, but friendly, Soi Lion was relatively new in Soi Bangla and gained instant success. The reason was not very clear, but sometimes simplicity works. The fact that you could see from the street a lot of girls dancing, friendly staff and good location near Rat U Thit Road helped a lot. The game was the same, walk-in, order a drink, enjoy some fun company, and more if you wanted to be more acquainted with a newfound girlfriend.

Stockholm Bar: Now in Soi Sansabai
Soi Lion Today
Soi Lion is now Bangla Mall
Inside Bangla Mall


Inside Bangla Mall


New Lion Bar on Soi Bangla
Bangla Mall to replace old Soi Lion