Soi Gonzo on Bangla Road

Soi Gonzo on Bangla Road

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Soi Gonzo on Bangla Road

Soi Gonzo on Bangla Road is still an open air lane and it never gets crowded. It’s less flashy in design and doesn’t have much fancy features. Beer bars look like what they were in the 90’s and you fond find many pole dancers here. Most popular bars here are Black Cat and Tahiti Bar where you can play some classic bar games such as this ever famous ‘hammer and nail’ game. And then the fun collection of bar names that shows owner’s creativity (or not) Duck tonight, Luck Bar, Sweet Bar, you name it.


Girls might appear less sexy but are as friendly. So if you are caught by a nice girl, chances are she will seat with you for some time, but in some other Sois, girls will make sure you are comfortably seated and have placed your order… then run back to the next guy passing by. So much for calling you ‘handsome man’.

White Room Club

At the end of Soi Gonzo you’ll find a not very well known nightclub called ‘White Room‘, It’s not very large but entrance is free, and past eleven, it can get really packed with young Aussies who seems to have good fun, mostly drinking ‘buckets’. A ‘bucket’ is a small plastic colorful bucket containing ice, straws, and a mix of concentrated red bull with local whiskey. Cheap and fun during parties, and guarantees a major hangover the next day.


White Room Night Club Entrance
White Room Disco

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