HQ Beach Club Phuket – Lounge in Kamala Beach

HQ Beach Club Phuket – Lounge in Kamala Beach
HQ Beach Club Phuket – Lounge in Kamala Beach
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HQ Beach Club Phuket in Kamala Beach

HQ Beach Club and Lounge, located in the northern part of Kamala Beach near the famous Cafe Del Mar and Novotel Kamala, is one of the few beach clubs still standing in Phuket Island. There was a time when Beach Clubs where flourishing near almost every strip of sand and the now deserted Surin Beach was where it all started. Apparently many of them where not legally built and some were way to close to the beach itself. HQ Beach Club is still proudly standing because it is built on land, under the huge Casuarina trees, and just facing the beach.


HQ Beach Club Lounge appears first as a massive rectangular building hosting a vast sitting area and dining room facing the sea, which happens to be very convenient in case of rain. Between the dining room and the beach, an outdoor bar that reminds a lot of the famous Catch Beach Club with an oval bar and an immense white awning.  I then found out that HQ Beach Lounge is actually from the same Twinpalms Resort that started it all 10 years ago with that famous Catch Beach Club!

The restaurant serves a nice selection of really appetizing tapas, pizzas and burgers and some other elaborated dishes such as New Zealand Lamb Chops, Australian Beef Rump Steak and more. Cocktails are fun and well executed, perfect for a beach break.

The place comes with a DJ and a great sound system, which thankfully plays softly a dinner time, respecting the location by the seaside which is so relaxing and unique. The club hosts some serious parties on weekends.


Best of all, there is plenty of cool seating to choose from, and  the sofas by the beach are definitely the most attractive… and when the sun goes down on the horizon, nothing beats a walk on the beach with you drink in your hand and a cool music as a background!

HQ Beach Club & Lounge in Kamala Beach

Phone: +66 (0) 91 165 02 51
Lounge & Bar: 9am – Late Night
Dining: 11am – 10:30pm (last order)

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HQ Beach Club and Lounge Location Map

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