Phuket 101 Blog – 22 years of Phuket exploration
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Phuket Blog

Phuket blog combines 22 years of passionate Phuket exploration to help you find simple and well organised information about Phuket. In our blog, we share the places we loved most, the tips to make the best of your holidays, all our favourites restaurants, where to find the best seafood, our secret beaches (except one!!!), the places we go to party at night, because Phuket is all about having fun! Phuket is a blessed island where you can find a mix of everything, and despite what some say, you can have a romantic holiday and spend an entire week away from the crowds if you want to. You can also Phuket daily photos on our facebook and Twitter.
Fun facts: Phuket is pronounced ‘Pooket’ and Phuket101 is pronounced ‘Pooket one-oh-one’!