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Songkran Festival in Phuket - 2014 April 13th – 15th

Songkran Festival Phuket

Songkran Festival 2013 Songkran Festival in Phuket

What is this Songkran Festival everyone is talking about lately? If you choose to come to Phuket or Thailand in April, you'd better know what Songkran is about. Songkran is the Thai New Year, and it occurs when the sun moves position from Pisces to Aries. According to Thai calendar, we are already in year 2557! That's for the technical bits.

What is Songkran Festival?People living in Thailand will be divided in three groups: 'Wild Wet Fun' fans, 'Sulking Hermits' who will lock themselves indoors for three days having wisely stocked food, and 'Smart Dudes', well organized, who will make use of the very long week end to fly somewhere abroad and dry.

If you are of the first kind, you can join Songkran wet street parties from early morning. It starts rather gently in Phuket Town around 10am, turning to water dogfights in the afternoon in Patong, Kata and Karon, and ends in a hectic full scale wet war zone in Bangla Road until late at night.

After Beach Bar Phuket

After Beach Bar in Phuket
After Beach Bar

After Beach Bar in Kata Noi

After Beach Bar is apparently a modest looking place with a strong reggae identity found just passed Kata Noi Beach on the way to Nai Harn Beach. Seen from the road it is rather a shabby looking bar with thatched roofs, but After Beach Bar is known to have one of the most amazing panoramas on the island, a superb bird's eye view on the pristine blue bay of Kata Noi Beach.

14 Most Quiet Beaches of Phuket

Phuket Most Quiet Beaches

14 Most Quiet Beaches of Phuket

Despite the permanent complaints, more than ten beaches around Phuket range from 'Quiet' to 'Deserted' and surprisingly half of these beaches are in plain sight and easy to access... Most don't have fancy beach chairs or vendors but you would easily find a couple of local restaurants and tiny bars. What Phuket island used to be 20 years ago is not that far if you take the time to get there, so get there!

We could have call it 'Phuket Hidden Beaches' as it seems that people cannot resist anything hidden and we are not including here the few 'semi-private beaches' only accessible by guests of some hotel occupying the entire length of their beach, making access impossible to outsiders: Relax Beach (Le Meridien Beach Resort) Naithon Noi Beach (Andaman White Beach) and Pansea Beach (Amanpuri Resort).

Phuket Most Quiet Beaches

the deserted beach of Mai Khao Bay
1) Mai Khao Beach
Mai Khao Beach is 11 km long and is part of a national park therefore remain unspoilt. Few great resort on the beach include Sala Phuket, Renaissance, JW Marriott.
Read more
Peace Level: Perfect!
Access: Very easy but most will find it far from main areas of Phuket.
Sand Condition:Very Good
Swimming Condition: Very Good
Beach Facilities: None unless you stay at the Sirinat park where Nai Yang connects to Mai Khao Plenty of food vendors and only there you'll find toilets. 

2) Haad Sai Kaew Beach
Haad Sai Kaew beach is a long deserted strip of sand located at the very north of Phuket island, one of the last beach before the Sarasin bridge. With few bamboo restaurant right on the beach it is a great place for a lunch when in the north. Note that the food price is a bit above average. Read more
Peace Level: Perfect!
Access: Very easy but far from everything.
Sand Condition: Very Good
Swimming Condition: Good
Beach Facilities: few nice restaurants made of bamboo and thatched roofs... great local food and cold drinks.

Freedom Beach
3) Freedom Beach
Freedom beach is the most beautiful beach on the island and despite being close to Patong, it has remained very quiet because the only (easy) way to reach it is by longtail boat and the ride costs more than a 1,000 baht. Go there while you can: if the land access becomes public, you can kiss your freedom goodbye! Read more
Peace Level: great!
Access: Only by boat during high season.
Sand Condition: Amazing
Swimming Condition: Amazing
Beach Facilities: a couple of restaurants and beach chairs under the trees

Similan Islands

Similan Islands
snorkeling in the similan islands
Similan Island clear waters

Similan Islands

The Similan Islands are clear blue diamonds in the Andaman Sea... You don't even need to be a good photographer to get some striking photos.  Ideally, you should go for a two days trip to make the best of it... it's far and can be tiring to reach by speedboat, plus you'll have the best beach almost for yourself in the morning. Better pick one of these tours that will take you around for some snorkeling, then drop you on the main island where restaurant and accommodation are available. I wouldn't go for the cheapest unless you are on strict budget, you don't want to travel like a sardine in a can. Of course, if you are a diver, you'll have dozens of dive centers offering this destination as a daytrip from Khaolak or even from Phuket as a liveaboard cruise.

Phuket Town - A Walking Guide

Phuket TownPhuket Town Map
The interactive map is at the bottom of the page

Thai Airways Offices (B)

Phuket Town - Walking Guide

Phuket Town is not huge but still too vast to explore it entirely on foot so we will break it down in several areas of interest. Our first guide is about the historical streets of town, quite easy to explore even on a wet day. This walking guide should keep you busy for half a day or less depending on which of the two options you'll pick below.

Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Fantasea
Phuket Fantasea Show in Kamala Beach
Phuket Fantasea in Kamala Beach

Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Fantasea is big, bright, bold and crowded... Ten years after opening in Kamala Beach, it is still going strong, a giant melting pot of tourists of all nationalities, where the least spoken languages are probably English and Thai. But all have one thing in common, they all came to see a dazzling stage performance narrating the legend of Kamala, starring a dozen of adult elephants.

Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay - John Gray Seacanoe

Phang Nga Sea Canoe
Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay by Kayak

Phang Nga Bay is without a doubt Phuket and Thailand most fascinating landscape, an ‘Out of this world’ scenery you must absolutely see with your own eyes if you crossed half the globe just to come to here. The best way to explore it is in a silent kayak slowly gliding among giant cliffs. We have been in Phang Nga a dozen times and still we are still amazed. John Gray SeaCanoe may not be the cheapest company going around Phang Nga but he is the one who discovered it decades ago and made it accessible to everyone. Unfortunately, good ideas are hard to find but easy to copy.

10 Things that show you have been in Phuket too long

After few years living in Phuket or in Thailand in general, you just start doing few unusual things without noticing them, and it suddenly strikes you... these are not the things I use to do at home! How long have I been here? When did I start doing these weird things without knowing it!? Then you realize that you actually started to blend in. Big time. So if you are living in Phuket or come regularly, check the list below... if you tick all the boxes, just like me: You might have been in Phuket too long! (in a good way though).

Phuket Travel Tips and FAQs

Phuket Travel Tips, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Phuket travel tips, frequently asked questions and good things to know before you go and once you arrived in Phuket: These are the little things we gathered that can make the difference during your holiday.
There is a lot to say to help you enjoying your stay while avoiding problems, so bookmark this page as we try to add as questions arise.

The Shrine of Serene Light in Phuket Town

The Shrine of Serene Light

The Shrine of the Serene Light used to be 'the little hidden Chinese temple' hidden right under your nose on Phang Nga road, one of the most popular street of Phuket Town. While most Thais knew all about it, only few foreigners would be aware of its existence and proudly whisper its secret location to newbies like an old secret passage to some mystic temple.

Freedom Beach Phuket

Freedom Beach
Freedom Beach in Phuket

Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach is an anomaly on Phuket island. It is one of the prettiest beach with incredibly soft white sand and blinding clear blue waters. It is just few minutes away from Patong Beach, the most populated beach in Phuket and yet, it is surprisingly peaceful and quiet… so what is Freedom Beach secret?

Phuket Bird Park

Phuket Bird ParkPhuket Bird Park

Phuket Bird Park is a recent addition to the growing list of attractions in Phuket. What you absolutely need to know is that there are actually two bird parks selling a show at the same 500 baht rates and in the same area near Wat Chalong. The original Phuket Bird Park is a lot larger (12 acres) than the other small one called Phuket Bird Paradise, so make sure you know which one you are planning to visit.

Surf House Phuket (Flow Rider Kata Beach)

Surf House Phuket

Surf House Phuket (Flow Rider Kata Beach)

Surf House Phuket is the latest artificial wave sport in Phuket, the perfect way to learn the basics of surfing, wakeboarding or even kiteboarding without all the usual effort and often pain associated with. Here anyone can give it a try in just a couple of minutes and depending on your past experience and natural balance, you will be surprised how fast you can actually stand on these tiny flowboards.