Splash Jungle Water Park in Phuket

Splash Jungle Phuket Water Park

Phuket Water Park

Splash Jungle Phuket Water Park in Mai Khao Beach, just next to the airport, is the attraction we have been waiting for a long time in Phuket. It's not really huge and it's a bit pricey, but you can spend a good part of the day having fun, eating or even drinking in the water of the pool bar.

Splash Jungle is divided in five main attractions; for starters, drift gently in a tube in the 335 metres long stream of the 'Lazy River' circulating around the entire water park, easy and fun to hang and splash with friends before the 'big one' called 'Boomerango'.

Once ready, pick a tube and climb at the top of the main tower and select one of the five giant sliders. The vertical wall of Boomerango is the scariest but probably the most popular, while the spinning funnel of the 'Super Bowl' is fun for making you from 'slightly disorientated' to 'really dizzy'. Two sliders are open-air and one is a long and dark pipe, not recommended to people subject to claustrophobia.
Once you've got your adrenaline shot, go play in the artificial wave pool... no worries waves are not very big and it is a good place to relax in the swell. Try also the 'Hot Spring', a pool at 35˚C set in a North Pole atmosphere

Kids have their own pool called 'Aqua Play' with plenty of small sliders, waterfalls and water games. Every once in a while, a monster water bucket located at the very top of the kids playground will empty its content in a gigantic splash.
Done with it or need a break? Have lunch at one of the two restaurants, nothing fancy but this kind of snack lunch goes really well with the summer atmosphere of the Park. Make sure you have a drink at the pool bar... the place is quite hot and sitting in the pool with a cocktail or a chilled drink is great for your tan!

How much is Splash Jungle Water Park 

Splash Jungle Water Park entrance is 1,295 Baht for adults, 650 Baht for kids and free for children below 5 years old. Residents will pay 500 Baht on presentation of a Thai driving license. Keep your eyes open when visiting shopping malls, they often give discount coupons.
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Phuket Water Park Kids Pool at Splash Jungle Water Park
Artificial waves at Splash Jungle Waterpark on Mai Khao
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