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The Vegetarian House Restaurant in Chalong – เจภูเก็ต

The Vegetarian House (เจภูเก็ต) is a fantastic place to experience authentic vegetarian Thai food in Phuket and it is conveniently located on the roadside of Chaofa Road, in Chalong. The large yellow banner and flags, indicating vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Thailand, is clearly visible from far. The dining room with its spacious wooden tables runs alongside the open-plan kitchen, giving the guests a good view of how the ladies are chopping and preparing the food with great love and care for freshness. Deep in the back of the restaurant is a large golden Buddha Shrine adding beautifully to the ambient of the place.

Vegetarian House Phuket

Once you come in you will first encounter the soup station where the lady chef will make the soup freshly to your liking. Choose your vegetables, the style of Tofu you prefer and of course your favourite noodles.

Come in a bit further and you will see the wide variety of freshly made dishes in a buffet-style setting. Choose your dishes ranging from deep-fry options to pre-cook curries and stir fry dishes, the ladies will serve you. For the lesser hungry of you, we’d recommend choosing your dish or dishes on the same plate with your rice. For the starving vegetarian, go all out and ask for the dishes to be served in separate bowls, this is more our style since we can try a larger variety and take the best with us to snack on later.


The food

The food is well prepared and very well thought through here, you will love every dish you choose. My favourite is the curry dishes with their full-body aromas and strong flavours ranging from mild to very spicy. In the Stir Fry dishes a variety of colourful and fresh vegetables are used, more on the sweet side, accentuated with Thai basil giving them the unique Thai flavour. Tofu in all shapes and sizes is pretty much the choice in every dish to soak up sauces and flavours. Purple Jasmin Rice tops it all off with its nutty taste, you will love it.

Popular dishes

Massaman, excellent in flavour and a perfect balance between spicy and sweetness, Yellow Curry or the most common curry in Phuket, is on the spicy side but big on flavour.

Tom Yum and Chinese Soups, subtle flavours and mild on chillies make it a good choice for breakfast.

Eggplant Stir Fry and Sweet and Sour, more evergreens to add to your Thai-style flavours.

Don’t forget to ask for the dish of the day since they change based on seasons and availabilities on the food markets.

The Vegetarian House excellently portrays how to experience authentic vegetarian Thai food without compromising on flavours. A must-try also for Vegans (ask the ladies if any dish has dairy in it), we did not come across any that carry dairy while visiting.

Restaurant review by JJ


The Vegetarian House Info

Location: Chalong
Address: Chaofah East Road, Chalong Subdistrict, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000
Hours: 5.30 am – 5.30 pm
Phone: 081 370 6959

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