Suay Restaurant in Phuket Town

Suay Restaurant in Phuket Town
Suay Restaurant in Phuket Town
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Suay Restaurant in Phuket Town

Not often do we find a successful new young and creative restaurant in Phuket. Suay Restaurant (Suay meaning ‘beautiful’) has mixed with style the simplicity of a small house with a good atmosphere and a fun cuisine. Tucked in a small garden, Suay Restaurant is a pleasant place for a lunch or a light dinner in good company. Price is affordable and cuisine is creative and original, so don’t be shy: try things that sound funny from the menu. The location just in the center of Phuket town makes it easy to access.

Set in the middle on a small garden, what strikes first is how simple yet warm the setting is. You can decide to sit inside or al fresco in the ‘veranda’ like area, which is definitely the best.


We went there a few times and had the chance to try several of the creations. It was so nice we even decided to select Suay for our ‘House Blessing Ceremony’ (Tanboon Baan) buffet! In case you have never seen one of these event, we invited friends and family to join us in the morning for the blessing of our house ceremony by nine monks who were specially coming all the way from a Phang Nga Temple. I’ll write about it soon.

The food is Thai fusion, but we all know that ‘fusion’ nowadays is no more a quality, so let’s call it ‘Innovative Thai Cuisine’ or ‘Young Thai Cuisine’. This is your chance to try the blue sticky rice, known for its calming qualities… or the Sticky Rice Mango Spring Rolls or even Black Sesame Ice Cream.


Many of the classic Thai dishes are here but they all come with a nice personal touch: Som Tam, Tom Yum and Nam Tok Nua (Beef salad), chicken satay and some frog legs with garlic and pepper to name a few. Some names on the menu are still mysterious, so we’ll just have to go again: ‘Mrs Piggy Took Sun Bath’ (Moo Dad Diew) and ‘Apple Salad with Catfish Cigar’, ‘Pomelo Salad with Salmon Carpaccio and Roasted Chili Dressing’. Overall it is a very refreshing experience for a very affordable price.

Suay Restaurant Location and Hours

Location: 50/2 Takua Pa Road
Tel: 081 747 2424
Open for lunch 11:00-16:00 and dinner 18.00-22:00, closed on Monday.

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Suay Restaurant is # 45 on Phuket Map – #32 is the famous Ka Jok See Restaurant

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