5 Best Phuket Night Markets

5 Best Phuket Night Markets
5 Best Phuket Night Markets
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5 Best Phuket Night Markets

Phuket night markets are always fun, from the new Chillva Market to the giant Naka Weekend Market or the Sunday Walking Market in Phuket Town, almost everyone loves to browse the incredible array of things you don’t actually need. Phuket night markets call for a collection of adjectives: intense, colorful, surprising, fascinating, puzzling, smelly, messy, labyrinthine or overwhelming, night markets all have one thing in common, they offer a unique glance inside the daily life of Thai people, rich, poor or just like you and me.

1) Chillva Market Phuket

Chillva Market Phuket

Chillva Market Phuket is the latest and definitely the best young night market on the island… Everyone loves those night markets and Thai teenagers more than everyone else, especially this new trend of making use of old containers! Every town in Thailand seem to have a surprising amount of those weekend or night chill-out places and they are always packed. (Note that this Chillva Market is not to be mistaken with the new Phuket Floating Market located in Kathu few kilometre away which is a big bigger but mostly deserted.)… (read more)

2) Phuket Sunday Street Market

Phuket Walking Street Market
Phuket Walking Street and weekend market is called ‘Lard Yai’ by the locals and is now the most popular attraction in Phuket Town. This weekend street market was an instant success wasn’t long to catch up, denoting a need for something to happen in Thalang Road, the historical part of town. Night markets are not new to Phuket Town, the original Phuket Weekend Market (Talad Tai Rod) located on the outskirt of town near Central Festival has always been a very popular weekend destination but what is on sale over there is not as fun nor creative as the Phuket Walking Street (The weekend market sells a lot of copy tee shirts and cheap jeans). (read more)

3) Phuket Weekend Market (Naka Market)

Phuket Weekend Market

Phuket Weekend Market (Naka Market) is the name given by tourists to this overgrown Phuket town night bazaar, while Thai call it ‘Talad Tairod’, which literally means ‘Car Boot Sale’. ‘Naka Market’ seems to be the most popular name lately. ‘Phuket Chatuchak’ is also used, by reference to the giant week end market in Bangkok. So many names for one single market! (read more)

4) Phuket Indy Market

Phuket Indy Market

A fun, young and creative little corner in Phuket Town, the Phuket Indy Market is a small lane off Dibuk Road, just next to the well known ‘Lemongrass Restaurant’, where youngsters display they creations to the public. I must admit I didn’t know about it until this day. (read more)

5) Phuket Floating Market

Phuket Floating Market
Phuket Floating Market is Phuket’s attempt to recreate what became a huge success in Pattaya, but after few months it appeared that it takes more than “If you build it, they will come” to succeed. The original idea seemed to be right as the words ‘Floating Market’ appear to be irresistible to travellers and locals alike, even though in most cases the ‘floating’ part of such markets is reduced to a dozen boats. In the case of the Phuket Floating Market it is even less. (read more)

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