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Best Things to Do in Phuket

63 BEST THINGS to DO in Phuket – True reviews by locals!

    What are the best things to do in Phuket is one of the most important questions people ask us when planning a trip. We explored the island to bring you the best of Phuket, with an incredibly range of attractions, activities and tours, from fabulous beaches and natural wonders to glittering temples.

    What to Do in Phuket with Kids and family activities in Phuket

    29 Best Things to Do in Phuket with Kids & Family 🧸

      Phuket is a great destination for families as there are many fun things to do in Phuket with kids and the whole family. Of course, you could spend your entire holiday on the beach and in the sea with your children, but it would be a waste not to add some activities to your stay.

      Phuket Best Beaches

      The 20 Most Beautiful Phuket Beaches ⛱️

        What are the most beautiful and best beaches in Phuket; a frequent and challenging question to answer since everyone likes a beach for so many different reasons. Somehow, there are two kinds of beaches in Phuket: those where people book their hotel and those where people spend the day.

        Patong Beach Restaurants

        24 Best Restaurants in Patong Beach

          There are so many restaurants in Patong Beach; you would think that finding great Thai food would be easy. But if you know Thailand, you soon will realise that too many of them serve a toned-down version of Thai cuisine or something very far from local food.

          Best Beach Clubs in Phuket

          22 Best Phuket Beach Clubs

            Phuket beach clubs are the perfect addition to your tropical holiday: beach and exploration during the day, sunset on a comfortable lounger with cocktails and cool music in the evening, and party with international DJs at night.

            Phuket Best Hotels

            41 Best Hotels in Phuket We Tried and Loved

              Here are the best hotels in Phuket we loved the most. We stayed and enjoyed them all and would recommend any without hesitation. Selecting a great hotel in Phuket is part of your holiday and will be a memory you will bring back home.

              Best tours in Phuket - Day trips and excursions

              The 20 Best Tours in Phuket 🏝️

                There are a lot of sites to enjoy in and around the island, and many places are easy to reach, so what are the best tours in Phuket? Some other great places need a boat or a minibus ride and a bit of planning.

                Phuket Best Restaurants

                18 Best Restaurants in Phuket

                  The list of the Best Restaurants in Phuket is growing fast, especially since the Michelin Guide has arrived on the island. Phuket’s culinary scene has evolved a lot in recent years, and the choice of restaurants has grown tremendously.

                  Phuket Night Markets

                  11 Best Night Markets in Phuket

                    Night markets in Phuket are always fun; from the new Chillva Market to the giant Naka Weekend Market or the Sunday Walking Market in Phuket Town, almost everyone loves to browse the incredible array of things you don’t need.

                    Kamala Beach Restaurant

                    9 Great Kamala Beach Restaurants

                      There is a vast choice of restaurants in Kamala Beach and travellers will have no problem finding one for lunch, dinner or even breakfast. Geographically, Kamala is divided into three areas: the beachfront is the most attractive, with many affordable restaurants lined under coconut trees and facing the sea.

                      Phuket with small budget

                      12 Cheap Things to Do in Phuket with a Small Budget

                        What are the cheapest things to do in Phuket with a mall budget? Phuket is more expensive than anywhere else in Thailand, but if you start with these few suggestions, you will be able to make the best of your holiday without spending a fortune.

                        The Best of Everything in Phuket

                        The Best of Everything in Phuket

                          Here is our list of all the best of everything in Phuket: things to do, where to go, where and what to eat, where to stay and what to know.