Phuket Best Beaches

The 20 Most Beautiful Beaches of Phuket ⛱️

What is the best beach in Phuket? What is the most beautiful beach in Phuket; a frequent and challenging question to answer since each person likes a beach for so many different reasons. Somehow, there are two kinds of beaches in Phuket: those where people book their hotel and those where people spend the day. 1) Beaches where people book … Read more

Best Thai Restaurants in Phuket

33 Best (VERY) Local Thai Restaurants in Phuket 🦐

Phuket Real Local Restaurants The list of local restaurants in Phuket keeps growing, and it is truly amazing how great local food can be here. No tourist places and no trendy venues here, it’s all about local food and only local food! Here are some of the most popular (very) local Thai restaurants in Phuket. They are not fancy, and … Read more

Best Seafood in Phuket

12 Best Local Seafood Restaurants in Phuket 🦐 (updated)

Where to find the best Seafood in Phuket? The best seafood in Phuket is mostly in local restaurants, sometimes hard to find and often away from tourist places. Of course, the seafood you will find in Patong, Kata, Karon, and other famous beaches are good, but there is a little more in local restaurants. It’s more authentic, fresher, not to … Read more

Phuket Old Town

Phuket Town – A Walking Guide to Old Phuket Town

Phuket Old Town Walking Guide Our Old Phuket Town and Old Street Walking Guide will save you time and effort! The historical part of Phuket is not huge but is rich and exciting enough to explore in half a day. On this page, we break it down by streets and describe the main points of interest and significant landmarks. It’s … Read more

Blue Elephant Mansion the way it looked before

20 Amazing Sino Portuguese Mansions in Phuket

Amazing Mansions of Old Phuket If the Old Sino Portuguese Mansions of Old Phuket Town fascinate you, you are in for a treat. There is more to Phuket than just the well-known Thalang Road, where everyone goes on a Phuket exploration. Yes, it’s a nice walk and a must-do, but if you too have a passion for old houses, you might … Read more

Phuket Best Hotels

27 Best Hotels in Phuket We Tried and Loved

What are Phuket’s best hotels? Here are the hotels we loved the most in Phuket. We stayed and enjoyed them all and would recommend any without hesitation. Staying at a great hotel in Phuket is entirely part of a holiday and can be an experience in itself, a memory you will bring back home. These hotels might not appear cheap, … Read more

Phuket Night Markets

10 Best Night Markets in Phuket (Updated)

Where to Find Phuket Night Markets Night markets in Phuket are always fun, from the new Chillva Market to the giant Naka Weekend Market or the Sunday Walking Market in Phuket Town, almost everyone loves to browse the incredible array of things you don’t need. Night markets in Phuket are intense, colourful, surprising, fascinating, puzzling, smelly, messy, confusing and overwhelming. … Read more

Best Things To Do in Phuket

27 Best Things to Do in Phuket and around

What to do in Phuket? What are the best things to do in Phuket? The popularity of this fantastic island comes from the incredibly vast range of activities and tours, from fabulous beaches and natural wonders to glittering temples and human-made attractions. Phang Nga Bay is an absolute must-do, with jaw-dropping limestone cliffs and flooded caves. Phi Phi islands are … Read more

Best Beach Clubs in Phuket

13 Best Phuket Beach Clubs (Updated)

What is the best beach club in Phuket? Phuket beach clubs are the perfect addition to your tropical holiday: beach and exploration during the day, sunset on a comfortable lounger with cocktails and cool music in the evening, party with international DJs at night. Phuket beach clubs used to pop out around the island faster than we could visit them, … Read more

Patong Beach Hotels

15 Best Hotels in Patong Beach – Where to Stay in Patong?

What are Patong Beach best hotels? Patong Beach hotels come at many prices, sizes and locations so finding the hotel that will please both your budget and your need for the best place can be tricky. Many readers ask for our suggestions, but there is no such thing as ‘One Patong hotel fits all’. Everyone on average is looking for … Read more

Best Tours in Phuket

10 Best Tours in Phuket – Phuket Day Trips

What are Phuket best tours? What are the Best Tours in Phuket? There is a lot to explore in and around Phuket, and many places are easy to reach. Some other great places need a boat or a minibus ride and a bit of planning. We list here 10 of the most popular, day trips tours you should consider. Of … Read more

Phuket Beaches

43 Amazing Beaches of Phuket! ⛱️ How many beaches are in Phuket?

How many beaches are in Phuket? There are no less than 43 beaches now on our Phuket list! A few are crowded, many are quiet, some are hidden, and some are still secret. However, here are so many beautiful beaches where you can walk alone for kilometres, even during high season. Here is our updated list of beaches by alphabetical … Read more

Things to do on a rainy day in Phuket

17 Best Things to Do in Phuket When it RAINS! ☔

What to Do on a Rainy Day in Phuket? There are many ways to take advantage of a rainy day in Phuket. These are the days when you start considering activities you would not even think of on a sunny day. You will be surprised how many things we could enjoy around the island. Of course, we know that most … Read more

First Time in Phuket

1st Time in Phuket ? 26 Things You Should See, Do, Eat, Know and Enjoy!

A beginner’s guide to Phuket Update: Wash your hands frequently and carry hand sanitizing gel or wipes, just as a precaution! Many readers coming to Phuket for the first time send questions daily: This is my first time in Phuket; what should I really see and do? Of course, since everyone is different, there are many answers, but with years … Read more

Phuket Most Romantic Restaurants

18 Best Romantic Restaurants in Phuket

Where to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Phuket? There are many romantic restaurants in Phuket to celebrate a special day and to compile this list of the best ones, we had to try a lot! Those restaurants were among the best dining experiences we had in Phuket. To enter this list, the restaurants must have great views or great atmosphere, good service … Read more

What to Do in Phuket with Kids and family activities in Phuket

20 Best Things to Do in Phuket with Kids and Family

Family Things to Do in Phuket There are so many fun things to do in Phuket with kids and the whole family. Of course, you could spend your entire holiday on the beach and in the sea with your children, but it would be such a waste not to add some activities to your stay. The family activities listed on … Read more

Phuket Most Instagrammable Spots

11 Most Instagrammable Spots in Phuket

Where to get the best Instagrams Photos in Phuket? What are the most Instagrammable spots in Phuket? Photos and selfies have become part of our lives. They are a fantastic way to keep travel memories alive for a very long time, not to mention the irresistible bragging rights on Facebook and Instagram. Who doesn’t enjoy posting tropical beach photos for … Read more

Phuket Beaches

20 Amazing Hidden Places People Always Miss in Phuket

Phuket Hidden Places Surprisingly, there are still amazing places people miss entirely when visiting Phuket. And like most people you want to visit Phuket but you wish to see it from a less known angle and discover places most people haven’t heard of. Many would say there are no such places in Phuket anymore, but there are! After 24 years … Read more

Phuket with small budget

12 Cheap Things to Do in Phuket with a Small Budget (updated)

What are the Cheap Things to Do in Phuket with a Small Budget What are the best cheap things to do in Phuket with a mall budget? Of course, it’s not easy to travel cheaply as in general Phuket is more expensive than anywhere else in Thailand. But if you start with these few suggestions, you will be able to … Read more

Romantic Phuket

10 Best Things to Do on a Honeymoon in Phuket

Honeymoon in Phuket What are the most romantic things to do on a honeymoon in Phuket? Don’t listen to what some people say, Phuket is a romantic destination. You have to be creative and smart enough to avoid busy places! Stay away from crowded beaches and enjoy a fantastic honeymoon time: It’s a lot easier than you think. What to … Read more