Lor Rong Food Market – Phuket Specialties

Lor Rong Food Market – Phuket Specialties
Lor Rong Food Market – Phuket Specialties
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Lor Rong Food Market

Shopping for Phuket Specialties

Had enough tourist food and want to try real Phuket specialties? When visiting Phuket Town, if you have a bit of time and are curious about Phuket real local food, you have to stop by Lor Rong Market. This little food place might just look like any others, but is in fact a very well known and popular venue for Phuket people and very few long time residents. I drove many times in front of Lor Rong without paying much attention to it… until recently. I thought it was just a regular Thai food place, so just like many, I just went on.

Once you know about it, food on display looks a lot more interesting. It’s not very big and looks very basic, but some of the sweets and dishes prepared here are real specialties and some can’t be found anywhere else. People are very friendly and will be very pleased to see you trying the food they are very proud of.

Some sweets to try:

Kao Maow Tod (photo 1 and 2):
Banana deep fried with a special young rice crumbs coating… very nice but certainly not diet friendly!

Kanom Sod:
Assorted Phuket fresh snacks

Kanom Krok Phuket Style: (photo 3 and 4)
Small sweet made with coconut milk and rice flour, cooked in this fun looking pan with little clay lids. Phuket people eat it with sugar.

O Eow: (photo 5)
Jelly made from banana with shaved ice and syrup.

Kao Maow Tod
1) Kao Maow Tod
Kao Maow Tod
2) Kao Maow Tod
Kanom Krok
4) Kanom Krok

For the salty dishes:

Poh Pia Phuket Style: (photo 10)
Fresh spring rolls served with a sweet brown sauce, stuffed with red pork or shrimps, crispy pork, bit of lettuce and turnip.

Mee Hoon Kradook Moo: (photo 6)
Fried vermicelli topped with fried shallots and spring onion, served with a clear soup and pork ribs. Excellent.

Mee Thai: (photo 8)
Same as above but with fried with brown sugar and coconut milk, topped with sliced omelet and served without soup. Try it, this is the only place where you can have it!

Loba: (photo 9)
Deep fried Pork giblets: intestines, ears and fat belly also served with sweet brown sauce and cucumber.

O Tow:
Stir fried small oysters with flour, crispy pork, taro, chili and eggs.

Lor Rong is located past the local bus station, after the famous Jui Tui Shrine, on the way leading to Central Festival. If you have your own transportation, it is fairly easy to find. So you should stop over to sample some of these Phuket specialties. If you really can’t make it to this area, some of these dishes can also be found in the middle of town at Loktien Restaurant, but it is always more fun to go out of the beaten roads and sit among locals.

5) O Eow


6) Mee Hoon Kradook Moo
7) Kanom Sod
8) Mee Thai
9) Loba
10) Po Pia Phuket Style
11) Kanom Sod – Phuket Sweets
12) Kanom Sod – Phuket Sweets

Lor Rong Market is #47 on Phuket Map

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