Wat Kao Rang
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Wat Kao Rang (Kao Rang Temple) and Sitting Buddha

Where is Wat Khao Rang?

Wat Kao Rang (Kao Rang Temple) and the giant sitting Buddha. Here it is, the famous Sitting Buddha of Phuket!  But wait a minute… Isn’t it supposed to be much bigger and made of white marble? Yes, this is the golden sitting Buddha of Wat Kao Rang, the original and first sitting Buddha in Phuket, built long ago on the hillside of the popular Khao Rang Hill in Phuket Town.

Wat Khaorang - Phuket Temples

Despite being considered big (at the time), many travellers miss Wat Kao Rang because the road leading to it is not so easy to locate, you have to try hard to deserve it. It is certainly not as grand as the Big Buddha in Chalong, but it has a discreet charm. To me, it also feels a lot more real, and not so much a tourist attraction. Mostly locals go there to do merit and pray on week ends.

Khao Rang Temple in Phuket Town

Wat Khao Rang grounds are divided in two areas. The original and complicated building supporting the sitting Buddha on its roof, with its back against the green hillside, and the new temple next to it. This new building stands at the top of long stairs decorated with the usual green Naga snakes, more quiet but with some good view on another temple across town.

Wat Khao Rang in Phuket Town

It is a simple but charming little temple, worth visiting when you are exploring Khao Rang Hill, on your way to Tung Ka Cafe or Khaorang Breeze Restaurant. And if you like large golden Buddhas, you might want to read about the reclining Buddha of Wat Sri Soonthorn, on the way to airport.

Wat Kao Rang is located on the small Soi Wachira, just past the easy to find Vachira Hospital on Yaowarat road in Phuket Town (turn right at the traffic lights just past the hospital).


Wat Kao Rang and Sitting Buddha Map