Pan Yaah Restaurant

Pan Yaah Restaurant
Pan Yaah Restaurant
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Pan Yaah Seafood Restaurant Phuket

Pan Yaah Restaurant on Patong Beach is a little gem you should reward yourself with if you choose to spend your holidays in Patong. Finding a romantic place with a sea view, good food, not overly touristic and with a decent price is rare in Patong. Pan Yaah Restaurant successfully combines these four requirements.


I went to Pan Yaah Restaurant several times long ago and except for the views, the food and setting were not remarkable. But for quite a while I wanted to see it again as it seemed to have changed from outside. And it was a good decision, the restaurant is a lot nicer, all made of nice dark wood with dimmed lights and cozy atmosphere. Staff is friendly and polite without being obsequious, but most of all they serve a delicious Thai food with unique views on the whole Patong Bay.


As always when trying a restaurant, we were not shy when ordering. Hor Mok Kanom Krok, these delicious tiny curry fish mousses baked on a clay plate, Koong Ob Woonsen, Prawn with vermicelli in casserole… with two prawns so big there was not much place left for the vermicelli, Panang Nuea, a delicious beef curry and Pla Neng, a simple but nice steamed fish fillet.

If you want to see by the seafront, we strongly recommend to come early, so you can enjoy the light at the end of day (not sure you can see the sunset itself) or call Pan Yaah Restaurant to make a reservation.

Pan Yaah Restaurant Phuket

249 Prabaramee Road
Tel: 076 290450
Open daily from 11am to11pm
English menus available. pan-yaah-seafood pan-yaah-restaurant-phuket

thai-fish panang-curry-thai

Pan Yaah Restaurant is # 56 on Phuket Map (#55 is Indochine Restaurant)

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