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My Top 10 Everything Phuket

Top 10 Everything Phuket

I travel quite a lot and I know how it feels like to go to a place you never visited before… where to start? As a matter of fact this also applies to places you visited too many times too. What should I do the first time, what did I miss the second time, what can I still do that I haven’t done yet?

So I compiled here all my TOP 10’s… There is a lot of research and work in each of them, so you won’t have to! I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends too!

Things to Do in Phuket 10 Best Things to See in Phuket

If you are as lazy as I am, you don’t want to read twenty pages to start your holidays somewhere. I don’t enjoy reading endless prose to extract the 10 facts in really need to know. That’s why you’ll find so many Top 10 on my blog. So these are 10 of Phuket all time favorites, if you can fit some of them in your holidays, you will have great memories… Read more!

phang nga 2 10 Things to Do in Phuket when it RAINS

It’s not all gloom in Phuket when it rains… as any tropical countries you still can expect some good sunny days in rainy season, but better be prepared if it lasts. Here is my little list of suggestions… maybe you should print it and keep it somewhere in your bags! Note that you will need a car to do most of these… Read more!

ang seafood phuket 10 Best Local Restaurants in Phuket

This is not the trendy section of Phuket Restaurants! This is all about the food, only the food and nothing but the food! Here are the Top 10 Most Popular Local restaurants in Phuket. Some of them might appear dirty, so read only if you don’t mind crowd, plastic plates, toilet paper as napkins and ice cubes in your beer, you probably will not print this page to take it with you. Read more!

Phuket Great Seafood restaurants 10 Great Local Seafood Restaurants

Here are ’10 Great Local Seafood Restaurants in Phuket’! We didn’t say ‘The Best’, even though I believe they probably are, but there are so many of them in Phuket it would be a Top100! So as we decided to stick to the concept of really LOCAL seafood only. We went around, ate a lot of seafood, then ate again and as we are now fat and broke, let’s reveal the results! Read more!

Panwa Beach Phuket 35 Beaches of Phuket

How often do we hear “I don’t like Phuket because I don’t like crowded beaches”. To me, it sounds so stereotyped…. there are so many beautiful beaches where you will feel lonely, even during high season! So here are 21 Beaches of Phuket by alphabetical order… and I am adding more as we speak! Read more!

Phuket View Points 10 View Points in Phuket

Phuket has a nice little collection of view points and as it seems in the human nature to be unable to resist the urge of climbing on top of the highest points, here is a list of ten beautiful places to take amazing photos from, enjoy a drink with a sunset, or even have a romantic dinner. Read more!

Things to Do for a Girl in Phuket 10 Girly Things to Do in Phuket

Who said Phuket was an island for guys? My husband is crazy about the 10 Things to Do or Top 10 anything and everything, and so he asked for my contribution. Our 10 Best Things to Do didn’t quite match so here’s the list for girls like me! Read more!

chin pracha 14 Nicest Mansions in Phuket

Thalang Road is where everyone goes on a Phuket Exploration, and it is a nice walk and a must do. But I have a passion for old houses, the older they look, the better… I like to feel the history radiating from the old walls… It is so easy to imagine Phuket hundred years ago when I’m standing in front of one of these beautiful mansions. Read more!

1mang da 0 Insects for Gourmets

How many of you had a bite at one of these appetizing insects sold on carts in the streets of Thailand? A few, I suppose. How many of you did LIKE IT? less! How many of you actually ENJOY eating them and would order more? I only see two hands left! It’s all about culture isn’t it? Read more!

katoey2 10 Tips to Spot a Katoey

Is that girl you are chatting with not a bit ‘too good to be true’? Tall, slim, pretty to die for, big assets and really sexy… Ah Ah, you fell for it! she’s a katoey! So here are 10 tips for you not be fooled next time. Read more!

global warming 10 Ways to Party in Patong

Everyone expects something different from his holiday, but everyone wants to see the best of it in a minimum amount of time and (almost) everyone wants to PARTY! This is not a Top 10 that would suit everyone, just 10 Fun and Wild Party Tips I would recommend to my friends. The list could go on and on, but these below are a good start. Read more!

Seduction Disco in Patong Beach, Phuket 7 Night Clubs in Patong Beach

If you are ready to party until late, here are the best spots in Patong Beach to dance way beyond the official 2 am closing time. You’ll have to choose between the seven clubs and discos really worth mentioning but you also can find smaller places here and there. Read more!

phuket hairdresser 10 Cheap Weird Things to Do in Phuket

Phuket on half a shoestring? That sounds cliché or impossible. It doesn’t even fit the style of our blog with all our fancy restaurants and trendy hotels, but it was just too tempting! So just for fun, you can try the 10 items below and come back with a pretty fun story to tell. Read more!

Fun Diet in Phuket 10 Fun Diet Tips

Here is a fun story you might find useful: You can actually lose weight while enjoying your holiday by trying local food, experiencing fun or unusual things, exploring the island and even proudly coming back with a tan… Read more!

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