9 Best Hotels in Phi Phi Island

Best Hotels in Phi Phi Island

Where to stay on Phi Phi Island? [toc] Phi Phi Island hotels come in a surprisingly wide range to fit different budgets and preferences. Some of the best hotels on the island cater to those seeking luxury and privacy with all-villa beachfront resorts that offer breathtaking views and modern facilities. The traditional Thai architecture and design create an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation, making it an ideal place for couples

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6 Vegetarian Restaurants in Phuket

Vegetarian Restaurants in Phuket

Where to find vegetarian restaurants in Phuket? [toc] Phuket offers a variety of vegetarian restaurants and many restaurants offer vegetarian food options. Many vegetarian restaurants in Phuket offer a range of snacks, desserts, and drinks that are free of animal products. In addition, during the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, usually in October, visitors can enjoy a fun and delicious array of dishes made without meat, seafood, eggs, and other animal products,

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Where to Stay in Phuket in 2023?

Where to Stay in Phuket

Where to stay in Phuket? [toc] Deciding where to stay in Phuket and the right beach to book your hotel in Phuket can and will significantly impact your holiday. There are 44 beaches around the island, and they can be divided into four categories, plus Phuket Town, of course: The main beach resorts where you can book a hotel: The beach where most people book their hotels are Patong Beach,

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10 Best Cheap Hotels in Kata Beach

Best Budget Hotels in Kata Beach

Where to stay in Kata Beach with a small budget? [toc] Staying in a budget or cheap hotel in Kata Beach doesn't have to be a compromise on your holiday quality. While affordability is key, there are cheap options that offer excellent value for money, especially if you are looking to spend the majority of your time exploring and enjoying the local area rather than staying at the hotel. In

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Kata Beach vs Kamala Beach

Kata Beach vs Kamala Beach - Which beach is best for you?

Where to stay in Phuket: Kata or Kamala? [toc] Phuket is a beach lover’s paradise with over 40 stunning beaches to explore. Two of Phuket’s more popular beaches, Kata Beach and Kamala Beach, are both known for their lovely stretches of soft sand and abundance of hotels, restaurants, and leisure activities. But while Kata and Kamala are both found along Phuket’s west coast, each beach has its own unique ambience

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10 Best Cheap Hotels in Phuket Town

Best Budget Hotels in Phuket Town

Where to stay in Phuket Town with a small budget? [toc] Finding a good, cheap hotel in Phuket town is very easy and there are many to choose from. On our page, we list the most beautiful ones, often set in renovated Sino-Portuguese shophouses, and a few others with great value for money and creative design. Here we only list cheap hotels at a short walking distance from Thalang Road,

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10 Seaside Local Restaurants in Phuket with a view

Seaside Local Restaurants in Phuket

Local Thai restaurants with seaview in Phuket [toc] The local Thai restaurants located right by the ocean on Phuket Island offer an authentic dining experience to try the best local Thai cuisine and fresh seafood. These restaurants use locally sourced ingredients, including daily catches from local fishermen, to create flavorful and delicious dishes. Customers can enjoy ocean views and sometimes sunsets, and a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying grilled and steam

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10 Best Cheap Hotels in Patong Beach

Holiday Inn Express Patong

Where to stay in Patong Beach with a small budget? [toc] Finding the right cheap hotel in Patong Beach can be a real challenge. Cheap and affordable hotels can be surprisingly good, especially if you plan to spend more of your day (and nights) outside, exploring and partying. We know Phuket well and we keep searching for the best value for money, as close as possible to the beach when

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Kamala Beach Restaurants

Kamala Beach Restaurant

Where to Eat in Kamala? [toc] There is a vast choice of restaurants in Kamala Beach and travellers will have no problem finding one for lunch, dinner or even breakfast. Geographically, Kamala is divided into three areas: the beachfront is the most attractive, with many affordable restaurants lined under coconut trees and facing the sea. The first road that runs parallel to the beach offers a few restaurants as well,

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48 Best Things to Do in Phuket and Around in 2023

Best Things to Do in Phuket in 2023

What to do in Phuket in 2023? [toc] What are the best things to do in Phuket? The popularity of this fantastic island comes from the incredibly vast range of attractions, activities and tours, from fabulous beaches and natural wonders to glittering temples and human-made attractions. Phang Nga Bay is an absolute must-do, with jaw-dropping limestone cliffs and flooded caves. Phi Phi islands are everyone's second favourite, even though they

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Phuket Smart Bus

Phuket Smart Bus

How to use Phuket Smart Bus? [toc] Update: The Phuket Smart Bus rate is now 100 baht for any destination and you can pay cash on the bus (or use QR code) The Phuket Smart Bus is a very comfortable and affordable way to go from beach to beach for a very reasonable price. It is doing pretty well on the islands, and visitors love it. There are several ways

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Phuket Webcam – Live Cameras on Phuket Island

Phuket Webcam - Live-Kameras auf der Insel Phuket

Our Phuket Webcam lets you see what the weather in Phuket looks like right now from a unique bird's view of Patong beach from a live cam located at the top of the Patong Tower. We hope this is useful in planning your holiday. The Phuket webcam is courtesy of the Patong Tower Apartment. [the_ad id="30528"] Patong Beach Weather Webcam - Live streaming NOW! The Patong Webcam is located at

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23 Best Things to Do in Patong Beach in 2023

Choses à faire à Patong Beach

What to do in Patong Beach in 2023? [toc] There are many things to do in Patong Beach beyond the much-talked-about nightlife and the ever-going party. Patong is full of activities for families, couples, singles and friends, and even a few attractions most people don’t know yet. We will not go into details about nightlife but mostly focus on the real activities, the things you can mostly do during the

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15 Best Restaurants in Phuket Town and Nearby

Thai restaurant in a heritage house in Phuket Town

Where to eat in Phuket Town? [toc] Enjoying local Thai food in the old Phuket town after a day of exploration is an experience no one should miss. Fortunately, there are plenty of restaurants in Phuket Town to choose from; some are fancy, some are cheap, and some are in amazingly beautiful heritage houses. Here, we only list the restaurants serving real Thai food. Some of them serve some excellent

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10 Best Shopping Malls in Bangkok

Bangkok Shopping Malls

Where to shop in Bangkok? [toc] The amount of shopping malls in Bangkok is staggering! Here we listed the most popular and centrally located, but there are a lot more on the outskirts of Bangkok. Most travellers visiting Bangkok wonder why there are so many of them, but you have to live in Thailand long enough to understand that a mall is not just a shopping place but a full

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