Tamachart Restaurant (Natural Restaurant) in Phuket Town

Tamachart Restaurant (Natural Restaurant) in Phuket Town
Tamachart Restaurant (Natural Restaurant) in Phuket Town
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Tamachart Restaurant

Tamachart Restaurant looks at first a bit confusing. Also called ‘Natural Restaurant’, it has been a long time favourite for many Thai and expats and might not be as good as it used to be, but it is still a fun place for a dinner or a drink in Phuket Town.

This huge open house with a wooden roof, set in the middle of town, is almost unnoticeable when driving through Phutorn road (near Jui Tui Shrine). From the outside it looks rather small unless you step a bit away from it to apprehend its full size. Then, the next thing you’ll notice is the decoration.


Made of bits and pieces, full of plants, greenery and waterfalls, discarded bicycles, computers converted into aquariums, radios, fishing equipment and old toys, it comes altogether in a charming and fun fashion. Don’t stop at the decoration… explore! Upstairs is even more surprising. The restaurant seems to have grown over the years like a plant on a wall: terraces, stairways and balconies grew in all directions. It is definitely a surprising restaurant and feels like a giant treehouse in the middle of a concrete jungle.

The menu is Thai with some interesting dishes and even unusual drinks (try dragon fruit juice, it looks strange but tastes good) and the prices are acceptable.

Tamachart Restaurant:

62/5 Phutorn Road
Open daily: 10.30 am -11.30 pm
Tel: 076 214 037

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