Phuket Amulet Market

Phuket Amulet Market
Phuket Amulet Market
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Thai Amulets

Phuket Amulet market might not be the most exciting attraction in Phuket but if you happen to be exploring town, it’s a nice little shortcut between Rassada road and Phang Nga road.

You would expect to find only elders seating around the many long tables, scrutinizing amulets through tiny powerful magnifying glasses, but not! People of all age highly respect and believe in the merits of these tiny amulets and their ability to protect from daily harm, from flu… to bullets. The range of protections is vast and can even bring you good fortune in business, health, traffic accidents, family life, school exams and of course love and sex life. Amulets are usually made of stone, bronze or even bone, but you’ll find some made of precious metal.

Walk through the alley and don’t be shy to ask, people there seems to be more than happy to share their hobby, and most of them in a very good English.
Thai Amulets (Pra)  always come from temples, picturing a revered monk while a talisman (kreung rang) usually represents a mythical creature or animal. Supposedly, amulets will protect only good people while talismans protect… anyone.

When asked, answers about prices can vary a lot… from 10 baht to small fortunes. Value depends on how old and how respected was the monk who handed them or the recognition of the amulet powers. Some rare items can be extremely expensive, therefore market is not only about religious value, but definitely commercial benefit.The Thai Amulet Market is located just across the street from the Shrine of serene light which itself is near the famous On On Hotel.

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