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Peranakannitat Museum Phuket Town (Baba Museum)

Phuket Town Baba Museum

The Peranakannitat Museum (Baba Museum or Chalermraj Center) just opened its doors in the heart of Phuket Town after many years of renovation (at least 7 years!). Located at the intersection of Phang Nga Road and Phuket road, the Peranakannitat Museum is set inside what used to be the old ‘Standard Chartered Bank’. It’s a rather modest museum modest but the location and the Sino-Portuguese building itself are worth walking in.

Phuket Baba Museum (Peranakannitat Museum)

According to a very short movie projected on the second floor, The Peranakan originally came from China centuries years ago and settled in the Thalang area. Apart from that brief movie, things are not really explained or described in the museum. A lady walked me around but she mostly answered my questions and as I am in no way a historian, I will not take the risk to describe here how the first Chinese arrived in Phuket and how the Baba Nyonya community all started. I will rather point you to a very well-written article from The Japan Times.

Perenakan Museum Phang Nga Road

There has been a lot of talk around that museum in the past 7 years, so if you walk around, push the door. If it opens, you are in luck so have a look around, it’s free.

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Peranakannitat Museum Info

Location: Phuket Town
: Intersection of Phang Nga Road and Phuket road
Open: Monday to Saturday
Hours: 10 am – 8 pm
Price: Free

Peranakannitat Museum Map

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