Kaab Gluay Restaurant in Patong Beach

Kaab Gluay Restaurant in Patong Beach
Kaab Gluay Restaurant: There are not so many affordable restaurants I could really recommend in Patong... Too many are just cooking some touristy version of Thai food and some are just overpriced for what you get. In addition, in Patong a restaurant full of diners isn't necessarily a sign of good cuisine, there are just enough tourists to fill any restaurant well located.

Kaab Kluay meaning 'Banana Leaf Rib' is not even well located, the restaurant is by the side of a very busy road, so you could say it's very 'lively' but is packed every single day. Don't worry they would always manage to find you a table. Another hint of popularity: many of the customers are residents, or long time returning visitors to Phuket. You will even see groups of Thais, which in Patong is rare.

I have been to Kaab Gluay countless times in the past when I was living in Patong, maybe every week; but nothing has changed, it is as good, as friendly as it was at that time. It simple and clean with very little decoration, and most important food is really good and for Patong, still affordable. If you have been in Patong long enough, you already know that prices are higher than in the rest of the island, not to mention 'a lot higher' than in the rest of the country! Price at Kaab Gluay are good, expect to pay around 90 to 100 baht per dish and seafood is as usual per 100 grams.

The staff and the owner Khun Nit are extremely polite, nice and friendly and this has always been for the ten years I had dinner at Kaab Gluay. The kitchen is so small I always wonder how three cooks can prepare so much food in such little time.

The menu is large, well illustrated and of course in English. Food is really Thai, maybe a bit less spicy than in local restaurants but they can serve some incredibly spicy southern Thai specialties such as Gaeng Prik Kadook Moo Kai Cha-Om... good luck with that one.

To get there, you might need a motorbike or get a tuk tuk, parking a car can be challenging.

Kaab Gluay is open for lunch and dinner. 
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