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Local Thai

Experience Phuket like the locals and with the locals! Try excellent small restaurants most tourists miss entirely, local food, desserts and drinks, markets, shops and even beaches!

Phuket desserts and sweetsPhuket desserts and sweets

16 Best Desserts to Try in Phuket – Thai Sweets

    Thailand is known worldwide for its amazing food, but it doesn’t stop here. There are also many Thai sweets and desserts to try during your stay in Phuket. Of course, everyone knows the delicious pancakes (or roti) and the mango sticky rice,

    Phuket Seafood Restaurants

    Kan Eang 2 Seafood Restaurant Phuket

      Kan Eang 2 is not the most accessible place to find, but it’s one of Phuket’s best local seafood restaurants. Everyone here knows that there are 2 Kan Eang Seafood restaurants on the island.

      One Chun Restaurant Phuket

      One Chun Restaurant Phuket

        One Chun Restaurant is one of the best Thai restaurants in Phuket Town. Serving southern Thai and uniquely Phuket cuisine without compromise.