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Rebreather Diving in Phuket

What is Rebreather Diving?

Getting that National Geographic moment with Thailand Marine life has become more common in Phuket with bubble-free diving on closed circuit rebreathers. A rebreather is a gas blender that recycles the gas a diver uses and creates very few bubbles. Commonly used by both military divers for their stealthiness and underwater photographers to get closer to marine life now they are available to both recreational and technical divers.

With easy access to the latest rebreather technology Phuket has become a regular destination for divers, both looking for new diving adventures or training on the latest technology without the need to purchase your own unit..

The technology allows divers to dive deeper and for longer allowing exploration of dive sites away from the crowds of regular divers at the same dive sites. With a good rebreather dive guide, you can enjoy new areas of the reef and experience marine life that is hiding from the noisy bubble blowers.

While only a few specialist dive centres like Phuket’s Tech Dive Asia have “try before you buy” rental rebreathers and rebreather guides available many of the regular dive boats in Phuket are now used to working with rebreather divers so whether you are an experienced rebreather diver or just want a unique experience, the silent underwater world of rebreather diving in Phuket awaits.

About Tech Dive Asia

Rebreather Diving in Phuket

Tech Dive Asia is Thailand’s premium Technical Diving team with training and guided dives in all aspects of technical diving. If you are a beginner or an expert we have something for you. From deep ocean reefs, wrecks, caves or mines there is something for everyone. Open Circuit or Rebreather we do it all.

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