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Phasom See Art Gallery, Cafe and Restaurant Phuket

An art gallery in a restaurant near Rawai

Phasom See is a hard-to-find little cafe, art gallery and restaurant hidden between Chalong and Rawai Beach. The food mostly consists of fusion dishes, beautifully presented and fun to photograph. The place is popular with a young crowd who enjoy taking selfies with fun decorations.

phasom see art gallery rawai phuket

This is a place locals visit with friends, take photos, admire, or buy some paintings while enjoying drinks and snacks. You can sit in one of the rooms where paintings are displayed or in the small central garden, usually popular in the evening.

phasom see art restaurant rawai phuket

What to order

You can choose to nibble just a couple of fun entrees or go for a full Thai meal and share with friends one of the many dishes available on the menu: Fried pork, beef, chicken rice with basil 99 Baht, grilled squid or grilled prawn with butter sauce, pepper and seafood sauce 69 baht and 200 baht, BBQ beef salad 99 baht etc.

phasom see restaurant menu 1

Then you can take a chance with the fun names:
Grandma So Spicy: story pork with grandma curry with spices: 99 baht,
Papa Pig: story pork with spices and Thai herbs 99 baht
Auntie Pig: pork blade shoulder served with Phasom See sauce and honey 99 baht

The small entrees are popular:
Marijuana Joint (that’s just the name, of course): minced beef, basil leaves, white cheese, Phasom See sauce 55 baht.
BBQ Scallops: scallops, butter, garlic, camembert cheese, caviar, honey, Thai herbs 55 baht
Tuna Basket: tuna, spring rolls, peanut bar sauce 55 baht
Oysters: oysters with mixed sauce and Thai herbs, also 55 baht

phasom see restaurant menu 2b

More photos

Phasom See Restaurant Info

Location: Rawai
Address: 84/3 Soi Mangosteen, Rawai, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83100
Open: 10 am – 10 pm (Wednesday Closed)
Phone: 082 916 2639

Phasom See Restaurant Map

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