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Wat Mongkhon Wararam (Wat Nai Yang)

A peaceful temple in Nai Yang

The Mongkhon Wararam Temple (Wat Nai Yang) is located in Nai Yang Village, just 500 metres from the superb beach of Nai Yang, and just next to the Proud Hotel. It is an ancient temple that serves as a spiritual centre and a focal point for the faith of the people of the Sakhu Subdistrict (which is north of Phuket).

Wat Mongkhon Wararam (Wat Nai Yang)

This beautiful temple attracts general visitors as well as tourists, who show particular respect for the ancient revered figure, Luang Pho Nang Seua, the former abbot of this temple. Luang Pho Nang Seua was previously an abbot and a venerable monk from the province of Sisaket. Those who visit this temple traditionally pay respects and seek blessings.

Wat Mongkhon Wararam Info

Location: Nai Yang Beach
Address: 48 Thep Krasat Tri-Nai Yang Rd, Sakhu, Thalang District, Phuket 83110
Admission: Free

Wat Mongkhon Wararam Map

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