Panwa House at Cape Panwa Hotel

Panwa House at Cape Panwa

Dinner at Panwa Heritage House [toc] Panwa House is a white Sino Portuguese restaurant surrounded by palm trees, right on the secluded beach of the Cape Panwa Hotel on the east coast of Phuket. This house has been a Phuket icon for years, even appearing in movies or TV series. Cape Panwa is not exactly centrally located, to say the least, it's quite far from everything but if you happen

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Panwa Beach and Khao Kat Beach in Phuket ⛱️

Panwa Beach in Phuket

What to do in Panwa Beach? [toc] Panwa Beach, also known as Khao Kat Beach, is not a great swimming beach and yet has the charm of these remote bays not many would take the time to explore while visiting Phuket. Located on the east coast cape but facing west, the whole area is peppered with luxury villas and few resorts, a great alternative to relax away from west coast

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Phuket Aquarium in Cape Panwa

Phuket Aquarium

The first aquarium in Phuket [toc] The Phuket Aquarium in Cape Panwa is not immense as the tunnel itself it only a few metres long, but it is still a great place to entertain you and your kids on a rainy day and it might even be your chance to see baby turtles. Several rooms display aquariums of various sizes starting from small tanks with seahorses, some fun and colourful

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The Cove Phuket – A Hidden Gem on Ao Yon Beach

The Cove Phuket

Discover The Cove Phuket [toc] The Cove Phuket is a lovely little hideaway nestled in Ao Yon Beach near Panwa, a beautiful part of Phuket where very few tourists set foot. This small open-air restaurant and bungalow resort is blessed with a beautiful seaside view, making it a great way to escape the crowd for lunch or dinner. The food is good and well prepared, not toned down like often

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The Beach Bar Phuket – Panwa Beach

The Beach Bar Phuket

[toc] The Beach Bar Phuket is a local restaurant half hidden on Panwa beach, away from most the tourist crowds. Once a modest wooden shack, the restaurant grew in popularity and now displays a long row of tables and plastic chairs. Set on the east coast of Phuket, this fun restaurant is still mostly made of wood pillars with a thatched roof placed on the beach. You will easily spot

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Khao Khad Viewpoint – Panwa Viewpoint

Panwa Viewpoint - Khao Kad Viewpoint

What is Khao Khad Viewpoint? [toc] Khao Khad Viewpoint (Panwa Viewpoint) is a solitary standing viewpoint on top of one of the highest and most remote hill of Phuket, and a bit of a mystery. With a parking designed to accommodate a large amount of buses and cars, a shop and a massive staircase leading to a large tower, you would expect to find a crowd up there... but when

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