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Poppy’s Macrame Handmade in Phuket

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Fashion macrame by Poppy in Phuket

Discover and order a growing collection of beautifully handmade macrame created with passion by Poppy in Phuket. Macrame is a surprisingly delicate fashion, perfect to wear on the beach or after! Please have a look at these chic and affordable shoulder bags, key chains, as well as beautiful dresses and shawls knitted into delicate clothing.

Poppy can even design elegant accessories and jewellery, bracelets, necklaces. There are also many ways to use this artwork as home decorations, such as lamps, curtains, coasters and hanging flower pots.

Who is Poppy?

Poppy was born in Northeast Thailand and now lives in Phuket. She started working from home; she could focus on her passion, have new ideas, and practise mindfulness. As more and more people began to notice her creations, she opened a workshop to teach and work with other designers and make it a new career.

How to Order?

Because these creations are only made to order, contact us directly on Instagram: or Facebook:

1. Macrame Beachwear

1,500 THB – Pre-order

2. Macrame outfit

1,900 THB – Pre-order

3. Macrame Crossbody Bag

Length 12cm – Width 18cm – Long strap 85cm – 550 THB

4. Macramé wall hanging – white

Length 102 cm – Height 90 cm – Price 2,200 THB.

5. Macramé wall hanging with colour

Length 1.24 cm – Height 80 cm – Price 2,500 THB.

6. Mini macrame wall hanging

69 THB

7. Macrame wall hanging

2,000 THB

8. Macrame wall hanging

Choose your own clolour – 1,900 THB

What is macrame?

Macrame is a form of creative knotting with endless possibilities to create any pattern we can imagine. Macrame is constantly evolving, and inventing new designs is up to your imagination.

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