11 Most Instagrammable Places in Phuket

Phuket Most Instagrammable Spots

Where to get the best Instagrams in Phuket? [toc] What are Phuket most Instagrammable spots? Photos and selfies have become part of our lives. They are a fantastic way to keep travel memories alive for a very long time, not to mention the irresistible bragging rights on Facebook and Instagram. Who doesn't enjoy sharing beach photos with friends freezing in the snow or those bored at the office (or both)?

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Phuket Temples – A List of the Most Famous Temples of Phuket

Wat Khaorang - Phuket Temples

Thai Temples of Phuket [toc] Phuket temples are always worth a visit, from the temple hidden inside a cave to the famous Wat Chalong, a visit to Thailand would not be complete without exploring few of these magnificent and beautifully ornamented buildings (a 'Wat' means 'Temple', you guessed it). Phuket does have many temples and one by one we will probably list them all, but many are difficult to find or

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10 Phuket Specialities and Where to Find Them

Phuket Specialties

Try Some Phuket Special Dishes [toc] What Phuket dishes should you try and where to find them? We already share our Best 10 Local Restaurants and 10 Best Classic Thai Dishes, so here are 10 really local dishes (or their popular Phuket variation). To make it easy for you, most of these specialities are around the intersection of Dibuk Road and Yaowarat Road, mainly at Lock Tien Food Court. There are many

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10 Hardcore Thai Food, Only for the Brave!

Weird Food in Phuket

Phuket Hardcore Thai Food [toc] We had '10 Typical Phuket Dishes' and '10 Best Really Local Restaurants', and even '10 Fried Insects for Gourmets' now we need to move on to serious business: '10 Hardcore Thai Food, only for the Brave'... Will you dare? I will skip insects and focus on real dishes Thai people cook daily and really enjoy. After 22 years in Phuket I still can't eat several

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1st Time in Phuket ? 26 Things You Should See, Do, Eat, Know and Enjoy!

First Time in Phuket

What to See, Do and Eat in Phuket? [toc] Many readers coming to Phuket for the first time send questions daily: This is my first time in Phuket, what should I really see and do? Of course, since everyone is different, there are many answers, but with years of experience answering the same anxious questions we came up with a list of answers. These may not be our (or your)

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7 Beaches for Rainy Season in Phuket

Phuket Beaches for Low Season

Which beaches are good during rainy season in Phuket [toc] When it's rainy season in Phuket the sea is sometimes rough on the west coast where all the popular beaches and hotels are... but if you still want to swim in the ocean, where should you go? This is a question we get a lot between June and October which are usually the rainy season months in Phuket. Phuket is

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10 Best Thai Food in Phuket

Thai Food in Phuket

10 Great Popular Thai Dishes You Should Try in Phuket [toc] Thai food doesn't need an introduction anymore. If you reached this page you probably already heard plenty about it, and a thousand blogs talk about it at length. The list of Thai dishes available in Thailand is incredibly vast, and I'm not an authority in Thai cooking, but just like you, we love eating local when we travel abroad.

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Most Popular Thai Food by Votes

Most Popular Thai Food

Most Popular Thai Food by Votes Thai food is famous the world around but there is so much to choose from that we ask our readers to vote for their favourite Thai dishes. You can vote for more than one dish, and we will add more as we find the photos so be patient if your all time favourite is not yet in this collection! :D If you are about

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10 Things to Do in Phuket for Girls

Things to Do in Phuket for Girls

10 Things to Do in Phuket for Girls Who said Phuket was an island for guys? That's just the common accepted mindset but Phuket is actually full of great things to do for girls. Our 10 Best Things to Do didn't quite match so here's Faa's own list of things shes likes to do: 10 Girly Things to Do in Phuket! Story by Faa #1 - Stay at a Hotel

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My Top 10 Everything Phuket

Best of Phuket

Top 10 Everything Phuket I travel quite a lot and I know how it feels like to go to a place you never visited before... where to start? As a matter of fact this also applies to places you visited too many times too. What should I do the first time, what did I miss the second time, what can I still do that I haven't done yet? So I

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