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Aspasia Kata Beach Resort Apartment in Phuket

How is Aspasia Phuket?

Aspasia Phuket Resort is a green oasis hidden above the fast-developing Kata Beach. With a unique location on a hillside overlooking the north end of Kata, Aspasia Phuket benefits from a very quiet surrounding and a superb panoramic view of the bay.

Designed with earth and nature in mind, the hotel displays ocher and green walls of Mayan inspiration and what strikes most visitors is the intelligent way the resort is engulfed in a natural cocoon of greenery, which at certain times of the year explodes with the colours of thousands Bougainvillea growing on the rooftops.


Aspasia Phuket is actually quite a large resort, but it perfectly blends into the hill above the beach and therefore can offer unusually rooms starting with 65 sq m for the Deluxe room, all the way to 340 sq m for the Presidential Suite. Of course, there are plenty of suites in between to choose from and we tried the 1 Bedroom Grand Suite with a generous 145 sq m. This is seriously oversized but you will enjoy every minute of it!

All rooms and suites come with sea view and large panoramic balconies. What could be better than sitting on your own large sofa facing the Kata bay? Rooms are elegantly designed with a large and well-equipped kitchen corner, giving a homey feel to your holiday in Phuket… It’s actually so well designed that being in the room becomes fully part of your holidays and you won’t feel guilty staying at the hotel.


Aspasia Phuket welcomes you with a very high but minimalist lobby overlooking beautifully designed pools and best of all, an irresistible spa adjacent to it. Try to save some time for the Spa, it is so worth it, especially the spa rooms a large window with a view onto the bay… true relaxation! If eating out or cooking in your own kitchen does not tempt you, Aspasia also features a beautiful restaurant called Malina, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner and offering an Asia and Western cuisine in both terrace dining or indoor with air-conditioning (in April you’ll appreciate air-con!). If you fall in love with Thai food as many do, Aspasia
even offers Thai Cooking and Fruit Carving Classes.

Note that if the highlight of Aspasia is the unique location above a beautiful Kata Beach, it also has some downsides which in this case means a walk up and down the stairs to reach the beach, but that’s a small price to pay for such location. Kata Beach is at a decent walking distance but you will appreciate a Tuk Tuk to go back up the hill.

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Aspasia Kata Beach Info

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