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Salaloy Seafood Restaurant in Phuket

Salaloy Seafood Restaurant Phuket

    Salaloy Seafood Restaurant in Phuket is located on Rawai Beach, in the very south of Phuket. Divided into two parts on each side of the busy beachfront road, the kitchen and main dining room are on one side, but most customers prefer to sit on the other side, a sidewalk by the ocean and under the tall trees converted into a large and welcoming dining area

    Patong Beach Restaurants

    24 Best Restaurants in Patong Beach

      There are so many restaurants in Patong Beach; you would think that finding great Thai food would be easy. But if you know Thailand, you soon will realise that too many of them serve a toned-down version of Thai cuisine or something very far from local food.

      Best Thai Restaurants in Phuket

      38 Best Local Thai Restaurants in Phuket

        The list of local restaurants in Phuket keeps growing, and it is truly amazing how great local food can be here. No tourist places and no trendy venues here; it’s all about local food and only local food!

        Aek Seafood restaurant in Rawai, Phuket

        Aek Rawai Seafood Restaurant

          Aek Rawai Seafood Restaurant is one of the few local seafood restaurants peppering the roadside of Rawai Beach. This is where we love to go for a real seafood lunch or dinner

          Mor Mu Dong Restaurant in Phuket

          Mor Mu Dong Restaurant

            Mor Mu Dong is quite an unusual restaurant in Phuket. If you enjoy eating off the beaten tracks where mostly locals go for a great lunch or dinner, Mor Mu Dong is your place.

            Rawai Seafood Market in South Phuket

            Rawai Seafood Market in Phuket

              Rawai Seafood Market started as a modest local fisherman village where you would buy some local catch to take home. Rawai beach, in the very south of Phuket, is also known as the Sea Gypsy Village