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Kopi de Phuket

Kopi de Phuket, a very small restaurant, has made its name in Phuket Town since a while… it looks strangely familiar and serves some really typical Phuket dishes in an eclectic decor, but what Kopi de Phuket does best is coffee Phuket style. Kopi de Phuket opened in 2004 on Phuket Road is more of a restaurant. The decor is made of bric-a-brac from the sixties, the way old shops used to like, with a good touch of Chinese decoration. The place feels fun and cozy.

Kopi de Phuket

You can just take a short break in your Phuket town exploration and try their famous and excellent Kopi, a glass filled with concentrated milk and coffee, or even better a tea with its characteristic orange color. Their drink list fills half a full black board wall and include some really tempting names: Serong tea, Bha Bha tea, Lo Han Guo, Kopi O Leng (O Leng means condensed milk), Hot Phuketian Soy Milk, Kopi Cham (mix tea and coffee)… It will take me several trips to try them all. Don’t go there for an espresso or some fancy Starbucks sophisticated drink, they will serve you, but that might be a bit far from your expectations.

Kopi de Phuket

So we had to try some real Phuket specialties, what would be the point to have spaghetti Bolognese? The Phuket Pork Noodle soup was good and the fishcakes were really tasty with this particular herb taste, but we couldn’t finish them all. The pink fermented tofu (Sufu) with rice was also good, but you will have to try it by yourself to decide if you like it or not, I’m not a tofu fan, but I did enjoy this one. Then you have the typical desserts such as Sesame balls in sweet ginger or Gingko hot milk.

Verdict? Kopi de Phuket is more a nice break to enjoy some authentic old-fashioned tea or coffee than a stop for the food.

Kopi De Phuket

Location: 61 Phuket Road, Phuket Town
Open: 6 am – 9 pm (Sundays 11 am – 9pm)
Phone: 076 212 225

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