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10 Signs You Have Been in Thailand Too Long

Have you been in Thailand too long?

Have you been in Thailand too long? After few years living in Phuket (or in Thailand), you just start doing few unusual things without noticing them, and it suddenly strikes you… these are not the things I use to do at home! How long have I been here? When did I start doing these weird things without knowing it!? Then you realize that you actually started to blend in. Big time.

So if you are living in Phuket or come regularly, check the list below… if you tick all the boxes, just like me: You might have been in Thailand too long! (in a good way though).

1. You add ice to your beer even when it’s not so hot outside (yes, it is common!)

Beer with Ice in Thailand

2. You prefer Kanom Jeen or Kao Tom (Rice Porridge) for breakfast over bread or sausages.

Kanom Jeen in Phuket

3. You go to the beach, but never swim in the sea.

4. You mentally convert everything in Thai Baht when travelling abroad, even in your own country!

5. You feel uncomfortable wearing shoes inside a house once back to home country.

6. You smile at people, often, and for no reason, even in Paris, New York or London subway, people think you are weird.

7. You hail a motorbike taxi for any distance longer than 500 meter… sometimes less.

8. You add chili to a dish already spicy, often without even checking the taste first.

9. You use the hose in the toilet even if toilet paper is available and think of toilet paper more as napkins on restaurants table.

10. You complain about the cold and wear a jacket when temperature gets lower than… 22˚C

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