Phuket Best Beaches

The 20 Most Beautiful Beaches of Phuket ⛱️

What is the best beach in Phuket? What is the most beautiful beach in Phuket; a frequent and challenging question to answer since each person likes a beach for so many different reasons. Somehow, there are two kinds of beaches in Phuket: those where people book their hotel and those where people spend the day. 1) Beaches where people book … Read more

Bangtao Beach

Bang Tao Beach ⛱️ What to Do in Bangtao? (Updated)

What to Do in Bangtao Beach? Bang Tao Beach (or Bangtao) is one of the longest beach in Phuket, halfway between Phuket airport and Patong Beach on the island’s west coast. With such a beautiful stretch of sand, it’s no surprise why Bangtao has become the home of the famous Laguna Phuket luxury resorts. This immense complex hosts some of … Read more

Naithon Beach

Naithon Beach ⛱️ What to Do in Naithon Beach?

What to Do in Naithon Beach? Naithon Beach is one of these little-known beaches on the west coast of Phuket, far from the crowded areas such as Patong Beach or Kata Beach. People chose to stay here to find a peaceful village with just enough restaurants and hotels not to feel too remote but still all the necessary facilities you … Read more

Kamala Beach

Kamala Beach ⛱️ What to Do in Kamala Beach?

What to Do in Kamala Beach? Kamala Beach is a popular destination for families, a tranquil beach on the west coast of Phuket. Its popularity expanded with the new Pine Beach Bar opening at The Intercontinental Hotel, or Cafe Del Mar beach club next to it. Kamala is still a beautiful long beach with clear waters during the high season. … Read more

Nai Yang Beach Phuket

Naiyang Beach ⛱️ What to Do in Nai Yang Beach?

What to Do in Naiyang Beach? Naiyang Beach is one of those out-of-the-beaten-tracks hidden gems, little known from first-timers but very popular with returning travellers. Beautiful, shaded, and full of tiny fun bars and restaurants, Nai Yang, remains peaceful like most of the northern beaches of Phuket because they are not along the main roads. With a vast beach, a … Read more

Banana Beach in Phuket

Banana Beach Phuket ⛱️ A Secret Beach in Phuket (almost)

How to Get to the Secret Banana Beach Banana Beach in Phuket is a little hidden treasure. Phuket is a world-famous holiday destination, and every corner of this tiny tropical island has been explored, invaded, sold, developed and exploited. Yet, the small Banana Beach is hiding from the crowd. We thought it wouldn’t last, but it is still quiet. Banana … Read more

Nai Harn Beach

Nai Harn Beach ⛱️ What to Do in Nai Harn?

The beauty of Nai Harn Nai Harn is a superb beach with smooth white sand, tucked between green hills and tiny islands in the south of Phuket. More laid back than west coast tourist spots, Nai Harn has enough restaurants, hotels and shops for a great day and has remained relatively untouched. The protected bay offers great anchorage for sailing … Read more

Surin Beach, Phuket

Surin Beach – What to Do on Surin Beach?

What to Do on Surin Beach? Surin Beach is one of Phuket most beautiful and natural spots on the island. Long gone are the many famous beach clubs and the long line of restaurants that made this place so famous, but the beach looks a lot more natural now. It still is blessed with a large beach of beautiful sand … Read more

Paradise Beach in Phuket

Paradise Beach, Phuket ⛱️ What to Do on Paradise Beach?

What to Do on Paradise Beach? UPDATE 2021: Paradise Beach is open and the entry fee is now 100 baht. Paradise Beach Phuket is just 4 kilometres from Patong Beach and consists of two small sandy bays with blue water, soft sand and coconut trees. You will find plenty of beach chairs, bars, restaurants, shops and massive parties on some … Read more

Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach ⛱️ What to Do in Rawai Beach?

What to Do in Rawai Beach? Rawai Beach, at the south end of Phuket island, is not a beach suitable for swimming, but it offers beautiful views on the nearby islands and has a peaceful local atmosphere. It’s a great place to enjoy some excellent seafood by the ocean and a good starting point to do some island hopping. Rawai … Read more

Karon Beach Phuket

Karon Beach ⛱️ What to Do in Karon Beach?

What to Do in Karon Beach? Karon is one of the longest beaches in Phuket, ranking 3rd on our beach popularity page. It enjoys a 3 kilometres stretch of white sand, a decent choice of dining and nightlife, and never seems to draw crowds of tourists, which is a good thing. Karon is known for its big beach with big … Read more

Freedom Beach Phuket

Freedom Beach, a Hidden Beach in Phuket

What is the secret of Freedom Beach? Freedom Beach is an anomaly. It is one of the prettiest beaches in Phuket, with incredibly soft white sand and clear blue waters. It is just a few minutes away from Patong Beach, the busiest beach on the island and yet, it is surprisingly peaceful and quiet. So what is the secret of … Read more

Kalim Beach

Kalim Beach near Patong in Phuket

About Kalim Beach Kalim Beach is a modest bay located just next to the famous Patong Beach on the way to Kamala Beach. As the seafloor is mostly rocks and dead corals, Kalim is not a swimming beach, but it is a popular spot for local surfers in the low season. However, waves are not very high, so don’t go … Read more

Patong Beach, Phuket

Patong Beach ⛱️ What to Do in Patong Beach?

How is Patong Beach? Patong Beach is the real heart of Phuket nightlife, and what makes it so attractive to many is often what other people hate most about it. Patong is big, bold, crowded, bright and loud. And yet millions of people flock here every year, like flies on honey. If Bangkok is the Big Mango, then Patong is … Read more

Merlin Beach

Merlin Beach Phuket – What to do on Merlin Beach?

What to do on Merlin Beach? Merlin Beach, Tri Trang Beach, Paradise Beach, Freedom Beach, which is which? Every time we post a photo of any of these beaches, it starts endless discussions, so it is still confusing. The names similarities, plus the fact that some of these beaches were hard to reach until recently, didn’t help. These four beaches … Read more

Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach ▷ What to Do in Kata Noi Beach?

One of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches Kata Noi Beach is a beautiful sandy bay and a perfect spot in Phuket if you want to be near the famous Kata Beach while staying away from the tourist crowds. This strand of white sand is blessed with incredibly clear blue water during the high season, and its location ‘out of the way’ … Read more

Driving around Phuket in 1 Day

2 Days in Phuket ☀️☀️ What to Do in Phuket in 2 Days?

What to do in Phuket in 2 Days? Visiting Phuket in 2 days without rushing is possible because the island is relatively small but it certainly is going to be a busy exploration. 3 days would allow a lot more, but this overview should enable you to stop at the prominent landmarks and small beaches. We will skip the touristic … Read more

Secret Beaches of Phuket

16 Most Hidden, Secret and Quiet Beaches of Phuket

Where are the secret beaches of Phuket? There are still hidden, secret and quiet beaches in Phuket, and they are beautiful. Of course, some are difficult to find, but surprisingly many are in plain sight and easy to access. People are just not trying very hard to find them. Despite the permanent tourist complaints, more than 10 beaches range from … Read more

Where to Stay in Phuket

Where to Stay in Phuket?

Where to Stay in Phuket? A Neighbourhood Guide Where should I stay in Phuket? Where should I book my hotel? What beach is best? How is that neighbourhood? So many questions! Deciding where to stay in Phuket and which beach is best to book your hotel can and will have a significant impact on your holiday. There are 40 beaches … Read more

Karon Noi Beach

Karon Noi Beach in Phuket – Relax Beach

An amazing private beach Karon Noi Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket, home to the luxurious 5-star hotel Le Meridien Phuket. It has a perfect soft white sand, shallow clear blue waters and lots of coconut trees to create the picture-perfect holiday background. It is quiet and unspoilt, and of course, there is a good reason … Read more