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Hog’s Head Pub Phuket

An unusual coffee shop in Phuket Town

Hog’s Head Pub is a new fun coffee shop and bar taken straight out of a scene of the Harry Potter world and tucked between 2 shophouses on Yaowarat Road in Old Phuket Town. The pub is somewhat discreet and looks a lot like an Irish pub from the outside, but if you look at the facade, something unusual will probably catch your attention. Why is the entrance door crooked?

hogs head bar phuket town

If you look closer, you’ll find another significant clue: there is a Nimbus 2000 wizard flying broom hanging in one of the windows. That was enough information to make it irresistible, we had to know what this place was and we pushed the door. The Pub wasn’t yet open to the public, but the owner was kind enough to let us explore. That was quite a surprise! The Hog’s Head Pub is a scene of Harry Potter’s world building in the middle of Phuket Town! It really felt like finding Diagon Alley in Yaowarat Road!

hogs head bar phuket

The first room looks like an old fashioned tavern with wood tables and shelves. Between to wood barrel, behind the counter, an animated Hog’s Head moves to greet you. Above the bar counter is a superbly executed dragon skeleton.

hogs head bar phuket town 2

The Harry Potter experience doesn’t end at the tavern! Open the back door and discover more of this imaginary world with the back building designed like a magic wand shop. The facades here are even more crooked than the front of the pub. They really spend time and effort to make it fun and unusual. Hog’s Head Pub is definitely about to become another popular Selfie spot in Phuket!

Inside Hog's Head Pub Phuket

What to order

Hog’s Head is a restaurant, a coffee shop and a pub too. You can order Thai or international dishes to go with a good selection of Belgian beers, but to go with such decor, it’s a lot more fun to try their signature cocktails! Butterbeer (soda, syrup on top of milk foam: 95 baht), Liquid Luck (mango smoothie, soda, syrup: 95 baht) or Cursed Rose (coffee, soda, syrup: 120 baht)

If you visit Hog’s Head with the intention to take selfies, keep in mind that you will be required to order a drink per person 😉 Apparently, it happens that groups come in to take photos, but order a single drink!

More Photos of Hog’s Head Pub

hogs head bar phuket town 1


Hog’s Head Pub Info

Location: Phuket Town
Address: 27 Yaowarat Rd, Talad Yai Muang Phuket 83000
Open: 10 am – 10 pm
Phone: 081 537 5970
Facebook: click here

Hog’s Head Pub Map

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