Indochine Restaurant Phuket

Indochine Restaurant Phuket
Indochine Restaurant Phuket
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Indochine Restaurant Phuket

Indochine Restaurant is another fancy place for a romantic dinner in a trendy setting and with a good panoramic view on Patong and Kalim Bay. With its original design, good food and a large selection of wines, it is a good experience to share in a special occasion. Not your everyday dinner though, as the price tag might be a bit high, but if you want to make each day your holiday count, you can add this one to your list when in Patong.

Don’t come too early because you might feel lonely. Most guests arrive late, past eight o’clock, and despite the Patong bay view, sunset is not on the menu as it sets behind the hill. Have a cocktail on the rooftop by the pool to get you in the mood. Large fancy white sofas and umbrellas and open air bar with easy going (but not kitsch) music will help you slowing down from a busy day.


Once you are ready, move down to the second floor and choose from a terrace table “Al Fresco”, but I should say “Al Caldo’ since it is pretty hot in April, or indoor with air conditioning. So we moved inside. With its fancy red chandeliers and more comfortable chairs, the glass walls around the room offer same views. Menu is Vietnamese fusion, original but not too elaborated or pretentious, with a real research in delicate tastes combinations without being overwhelming you.


We had spring rolls with pork, beef carpaccio, scallops with lime juice and spinach, lamb chop and mushroom saute. Everything was delicious, nicely presented, served fast… and rather expensive. After dinner you can return to the rooftop which turns to a club, something hosted by a popular DJ, or if you are ready for action, you are not far from Patong Hot Nightlife. How to Get here: From Patong take the direction of Kamala. Indochine is soon after the end of the Kalim Beach, after few curves. Tel: 076 380800

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Indochine Restaurant ins # 55, Pan Yaah Restaurant is #56 on Phuket Map by Phuket 101

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