Soi Freedom on Bangla Road

Soi Freedom on Bangla Road
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Soi Freedom on Bangla Road

Soi Freedom replaces Soi Eric

Finally the iconic but declining Soi Eric is gone and made place to the ‘same same but different’ Soi Freedom. So far we noted Smiley Bar, Kingdom Bar, Blue Shark Bar, Lucky Bar and Sunset Bar, and further down the old ‘Freedom Bar’ that might be at the origin of the new name.Soi Eric was once popular because it was the only lane in Soi Bangla playing one single music while other Sois sounded like the battle of the bands. It was still get busy but had lost its fun and all bars started to blend in one long row of similar places.

Each bar had exactly the same design, to the point that you might not retrieve yours after a visit to the ‘Hongnam’ (means ‘Toilet’, write it down, you’ll need it a lot). Staff seems to be affected as well, lacks of spontaneity and security not very friendly.
The new Soi Freedom doesn’t look much different except for the missing iconic ‘Soi Eric’ sign…

_ Soi Eric on Bangla Road
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