Phuket Spas and Massage

Phuket Spas and foot massage are among the many things travelers love about Thailand. Here, massages are cheap and available everywhere you don’t even have to plan, you just have to pick. As a photographer, I tend to walk a lot, sometimes until my legs and feet beg for mercy. How many times did I just push the door of the nearest foot massage! 1 hour or 2 depending on the time you have on your hands will without a doubt wipe out all the pain and fatigue, and it’s without shame that I usually fall asleep. And what better way to spend an occasional raining day!


Beach Massage:

Fun and easy! since you are already doing nothing, treat yourself to more nothingness! Open air salas are great to spend an hour in the hands of a good masseuse, listening to the waves and beach sounds with a gentle breeze. Usually costs 300 to 400 baht per hour. A word of advice: for a real good massage, go for the elderly ladies, not the pretty young ones!

Foot Massage:

Easy to spot with their rows of La-Z-Boy chairs, they are also everywhere and sometimes even in the streets. Foreigners not familiar with it might feel a bit ticklish at first, but will be surprised how nice it is after the first five minutes. Don’t be shy, try it! If you have been walking a lot, it will get you back on your feet like magic. You can ask for ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ depending on how you like it. Hard provides better results, but in some cases, it can be painful.


Thai Massage:

Thai massage is often found in the same shops as foot massage, usually upstairs. In most places it’s nothing more than mattresses separated by curtains. They usually offer Thai massage which uses no oil, or oil massage which does. If you have back problem, inform the masseuse in order to avoid some of the back twisting and stretching.


Fish Massage:

Everyone tries this one more for the fun than for a real reason. Dipping your feet in a aquarium full of little suckers is a really funny idea, and it gets really ticklish at first. Some of my friends were convinced that their skin were soft after, so one more reason to try and decide by yourself. I even saw once a spa internet cafe, I wonder how safe this is.


Spas in Phuket:

Definitely the best experience and offers more treatments than you could try on your holiday. We tried many of them, some can be very sophisticated and even a bit over the top. Very often your hotel will have it’s own spa… I remember a time when Hotel names didn’t always have to end with ‘& Spa’, especially when some are nothing more than a massage room. Most popular treatments are aromatherapy, scrub and Thai massage.


Naughty Massages:

I promised myself I would never write about something I never tried, but I’m going to make an exception (and I also never lie, so you are going to have to believe it). I won’t get into details, but you can in fact get a naughty massage in most of the massage shops in Patong. However, Christin massage has been famous for two decades for its soapy massage. This huge pink building is so well known that it is used as landmark to indicate a direction. nice.

Phuket Spas, Massage and Foot Massage
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