Aungku Phuket Cafe

Aungku Phuket Cafe in Old Phuket Town

A popular selfie café in Old Phuket Town [toc] Aungku Phuket is a new cafe that literally popped up in a couple of months at the intersection of two famous streets of the Old Phuket Town: Thalang Road, where the Sunday Walking Market is held, and the small Soi Romanee which is so popular with Instagrammers. The place has obviously been designed to attract selfie lovers: the brand-new two-storey building

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Wanlamun Phuket – Sweet Shop in Phuket Town

Wanlamun Sweet Shop in Phuket Town

Best Dessert Shop in Phuket Town [toc] Wanlamun is the most popular Thai sweets and Thai desserts restaurant in Phuket Town. The restaurant has been open for decades and serves an astonishingly large choice of local sweets you probably didn't even know existed. When it comes to Thai desserts in Phuket, most travellers think about banana pancakes and mango sticky rice, but you won't even find them at Wanlamun. Instead,

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Torry’s Ice Cream in Old Phuket Town

Torry's Ice Cream Shop in old Town

An ice cream shop in a Sino-Portuguese shophouse [toc] Torry's Ice Cream Boutique is a beautiful little coffee shop set in Sino Portuguese shophouse in Soi Romanee in Phuket Town. The homemade ice creams are excellent, and the menu even includes a few variations around Phuket's speciality desserts, a perfect break during your exploration of Phuket old streets. Soi Romanee is unmissable as it is just off the famous Thalang

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