Hong by Starlight by John Gray’s SeaCanoe

John Gray's Hong by Starlight in Phang Nga Bay near Phuket

A magical canoe experience in Phang Nga Bay [toc] John Gray's Hong by Starlight day trip in Phang Nga Bay is an extraordinary adventure that offers a unique and immersive experience in one of Thailand's most captivating natural wonders. This tour, designed by the renowned sea kayaker and environmentalist John Gray, takes participants on a journey through the mesmerizing limestone karsts, pristine waters, and hidden caves of Phang Nga Bay,

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The legend of John Gray

The legend of John “Caveman” Gray

Introducing the legend of John “Caveman” Gray Frontier man, cave explorer and environmentalist [toc] Picture blue lagoons, marine caves, monolithic cliffs rising from the sea, the clamour of waves and the deep reverberating hum of cicadas: Phang Nga Bay National Park is indeed one of Thailand’s most iconic and stunning marine national parks littered with caves, colossal limestone formations and white sandy beaches. It is true to say that the

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James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay

James Bond Island

What to do on James Bond Island [toc] James Bond Island, locally known as Khao Ping Kan, is located about 25 kilometres northeast of Phuket Island, in the bay of Phang Nga. This unusual limestone rock formation is one of the many places in Phang Nga people have on their Phuket must-see list. There are some positive and negative opinions about this iconic Island, and most are justified, but it

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Island hopping around Phuket

Phuket Island Hopping and Phang Nga Bay Private Cruise

Phang Nga Bay cruise on a private boat [toc] Phang Nga Bay is such a fantastic place. A thousand islands and vertiginous cliffs standing above the sea is a scenery out of this world. No matter how often we visit Phang Nga Bay, it is always a jaw-dropping landscape. It should be on your Must-Do list in Phuket, and it is often at the top of many visitors’ lists, and

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Koh Panyi Village in Phang Nga

Koh Panyi Village (Koh Panyee) in Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

What is Koh Panyi Village? [toc] Koh Panyi (Koh Panyee) is a surprising village almost entirely built on stilts in Phang Nga Bay near the famous James Bond Island. Koh Panyi is a unique and exciting site to discover, but it can be hectic, especially at lunchtime because of the many seafood restaurants welcoming visitors. The trick is to get there early and be the only visitor in the village!

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John Gray Sea Canoe – Kayaking in Phuket and Phang Nga Bay

John Gray Sea Canoe in Phang Nga Bay Kayaking in Phuket

John Gray Sea Canoe - Hong by Starlight [toc] Kayaking in Phuket with John Gray Sea Canoe is a fantastic experience. Exploring the magnificent Phang Nga Bay with their program Hong by Starlight is once in a lifetime adventure, silently gliding along and between majestic cliffs in a kayak. The caves and abrupt cliffs covered with vegetation are ‘out-of-this-world landscapes you should see for yourself if you only have one

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Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

Samet Nangshe Viewpoint

An Amazing Panoramic View in Phang Nga [toc] Samet Nangshe is a superb panoramic viewpoint in Phang Nga Bay. It's a little far outside Phuket island, but if you have a car or a big bike, it is worth the drive. From up there, you can admire the fantastic limestone formations of Phang Nga Bay, but it requires a good deal of effort. You need to drive 25 kilometres past the

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Photos of Phang Nga Bay

Photos of Phnag Nga

Photos of Phang Nga Bay [toc] Discover our photos of Phang Nga Bay taken during our many explorations. These include photos of the famous James Bond island, Koh Panyi, the village entirely built on stilts, Samet Nangshee viewpoint and many small islands you will be able to visit on a day trip cruise in Phang Nga. NOTE: Photos are strictly Copyright © Phuket 101 and Willy Thuan - Copy or

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Wat Suwan Kuha – Buddha Cave in Phang Nga

Wat Suwan Kuha in Phang Nga

The Buddha Cave of Phang Nga [toc] Wat Suwan Kuha is a surprising cave sheltering an immense reclining golden Buddha. If you feel like a little drive outside Phuket island, this is your chance to explore another side of Phang Nga! This region is not only famous for incredible limestone cliffs plunging straight down into the sea but also for some unexpected jewels. If you rent a car, driving along

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Whitewater Rafting in Phang Nga near Phuket

White Water Rafting Phuket

Whitewater Rafting in Phang Nga [toc] Whitewater rafting near Phuket, on the Song Preak River in Phang Nga forest, is an activity that will give you a serious adrenaline rush! Of course, nothing to compare with the Grand Canyon, but on the other hand, you don't need to be experienced or even fit to enjoy it. Even kids can join. The river is located outside Phuket in Khaosok within Phang Nga province,

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