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Where to Eat in Phuket? Phuket Restaurants Guide

Phuket Restaurants Guide by Beaches and Towns

Phuket restaurants can keep a food writer busy forever. In our many years here, we tried countless of them. Thailand is blessed with great cuisine and endless food choices from around the country. In recent years, international cuisine has also flourished around the island as a great addition to Thai food.

Today, we list all the best restaurants we tried in Phuket and sorted them by beaches and town to help you plan your trip. From the most delicious local seafood hidden in the mangrove to the most romantic trendy beachfront and the Haute French Cuisine worthy of a Michelin guide. We already sorted some of our favourites in previous pages, but here we list all the restaurants we ever wrote about, sorted alphabetically into two groups: Trendy and Locals. If they are here, it’s because, according to us, they deserve to be talked about. This page has more than 50 Phuket restaurants! So click on Read More to see them all!

Mom Tri's Villa Royale

Mom Tri’s Kitchen Phuket and Mom Tri’s Villa Royale

A hotel and a restaurant on Kata Noi Beach Mom Tri's Villa Royale is not just your regular hotel in ... Read More
Pan Yaah Restaurant Phuket

Pan Yaah Restaurant

Thai food with a sea view near Patong Pan Yaah Restaurant on Patong Beach is a little gem you should ... Read More
Koku Yakiniku

Koku Yakiniku and Moo Kata Barbecue

Koku Yakiniku and Moo Kata Barbecue If you stay in Phuket for a while or if, like us, you happen ... Read More
Karlsson's Steakhouse Phuket

Karlsson’s Restaurant and Steakhouse in Patong

Karlsson's Steakhouse in Patong It might be strange to recommend a steakhouse to travellers coming a long way to Thailand, ... Read More
Kanom Jeen in Phuket

Kanom Jeen in Phuket

Where to find great Kanom Jeen in Phuket? Kanom Jeen is, without a doubt, our favourite Thai breakfast on weekends ... Read More
Savoey Seafood Restaurant Patong beach

Savoey Seafood Restaurant In Patong

 Seafood dining in Patong Beach Savoey Seafood Restaurant might not be the best seafood restaurant in Phuket, but if you ... Read More
Uptown Restaurant Phuket Town

Uptown Restaurant in Phuket Town

Uptown Restaurant in Phuket Town Phuket Uptown Restaurant is not exactly what we would call a 'local restaurant', it's just ... Read More
Bon Island - Lunch at Bon Island Restaurant

Bon Island Phuket 🏝️ Lunch at Koh Bon Restaurant

Bon Island (or Koh Bon) is located just south of Rawai Beach in Phuket and is just a short longtail ... Read More
After Beach Bar Phuket on Kata Noi Beach

After Beach Bar Phuket

A sunset panoramic restaurant over Kata Noi Beach After Beach Bar Phuket is a very popular Thai restaurant perched high ... Read More
Punte Phuket Local Street Food

Punte Phuket Local Street Food

Punte Phuket is a beautiful food court serving local street food, hidden in the old streets of Phuket town, tucked ... Read More
Nom Jeen Phuket

Nom Jeen Phuket – Kanom Jeen Restaurant in Phuket Town

Nom Jeen Phuket is a beautiful and relaxing new local restaurant serving kanom jeen on the outskirt of Phuket Town ... Read More
Khao Rang Breeze Restaurant Phuket

Khao Rang Breeze Restaurant Phuket

Khao Rang Breeze is one of the three popular restaurants sitting at the top of the very scenic Rang Hill ... Read More


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