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Coconuts Café Phuket

A lovely hidden bakery in Chalong

Coconuts Café is a lovely little bakery and restaurant hidden in a small lane of Chalong, in the south of Phuket Island. The coffee shop is a tiny house on stilts, with a garden surrounded by a vast green natural landscape and immense coconut trees.

coconuts cafe phuket island 1

The interior, with apparent brick walls, is cosy and beautifully decorated with small coffee tables and comfortable sofas with garden views. Even the garden is photogenic, and you will often see young people having selfie sessions while enjoying a brownie.

Coconuts Café Phuket

Coconuts Café Bakery

coconuts cafe ice cream

You can visit Coconuts Café for breakfast, lunch or a fun afternoon tea. The bakery offers a choice of homemade pastries, cheesecakes, cookies (18 baht), doughnuts and a scone set for 120 baht only to accompany your coffee. And why not treat yourself to an Ice Cream Pancake (129 baht), or their famous Celebrity Brownies (129 baht)!

Lunch menu

coconuts cafe khao soi

The lunch menu is surprisingly long and very healthy, with a choice of salads, tapas and pasta that will make your day without breaking the bank! Fettuccine truffle (200 baht), Quesadilla (from 200 baht), Spaghetti Phuket style (200 baht). You can, of course, enjoy some excellent classic Thai dishes: Pad Krapow Kai Dow (basil rice with a fried egg on top 120 baht), which is our favourite, and even a superb Khao Soi Chicken (120 baht).

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Vegetarian and vegan cuisine

The Coconuts Cafe in Chalong offers a tasty variety of vegetarian and vegan cuisine, ask the staff for their recommendations and you sure won’t be disappointed.

Vegan Taco

Two grilled soft taco shells filled with marinated, cooked chickpeas and topped with sweet and sour salsa, adding a tangy flavour any good taco should have. Pieces of soft avocado add creaminess to the whole package and to round it all up, a drizzle of creamy sweet vegan sauce binds it all together. The dish is beautifully presented, garnished with side vegetables and seasonal flowers to make it a true Instagram worthy vegan taco.

vegan tacos

Vegetarian Khao Soi

A common northern Thai dish ‘veganised’ to perfection. your typical warm and cosy noodle soup dish satisfying your hunger any time of the day. Soft glossy noodles submerged in a red creamy soup, don’t let the colour fool you, it is not a spicy dish! The colour comes from a fragrant sweet chilli sauce. Aromatic blends like garlic, shallots and lemongrass used in the chilli paste go well with the sweet and slightly coconutty flavoured broth.

vegan khao soi

Coconuts Cafe is using the freshest vegetables sourced on local markets the same day so don’t be surprised if you see different vegetables every time you order this dish, which adds to its uniqueness. Khao Soi is garnished with a bundle of crispy golden noodles along with lettuce and seasonal flowers, adding colours to this already vibrant colourful dish. Last but not least the dish is served with a side dish of pickles, extra chilli sauce for more kick if you are up for it! some fresh onions for contrast and of course a wedge of lime since Thai dishes need a lemony finish.

Vegetarian review by JJ

coconuts cafe garden

The café is close to the famous Chalong Circle, and the tiny street that leads to it hides between two buildings, easy to miss. Using Google Maps to guide you there is the best option. Coconuts Café is hard to find, but if you are in the area and want to take a break in a beautiful setting (and take some selfies), you definitely should stop over and treat yourself to a beautifully prepared afternoon tea or coffee!

coconuts cafe chalong phuket

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Coconuts Café Phuket Info

Location: Chalong
Address: Chalong, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000
Open: 9 am – 6 pm
Phone: 081 271 0644
Facebook: Click here

Coconuts Café Phuket Map

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