House of Tin Baron

House of Tin Baron Restaurant in Phuket Town

A new heritage Thai restaurant in Phuket Town [toc] House of Tin Baron is a new Thai restaurant that just opened in Phuket Town, set in a beautifully renovated Sino-Portuguese heritage house. The soft opening was on September 14, 2023, and the grand opening will be at the end of September. The name 'House of Tin Baron' refers to the era when the main resource of Phuket was tin mining.

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The Mustang Blu Bangkok – Hotel and Cafe

The Mustang Blu Bangkok

[toc] The Mustang Blu is an old renovated building with a flat iron shape that was originally built as a bank in late 1800 just on the edge of Bangkok Chinatown and very near the old Hua Lampoon Railway Station. The Mustang Blu started as a bank but later became a hospital, then a bathhouse or a massage parlour, and is now a 10 bedrooms hotel with a unique personality.

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