Andamanda Phuket Water Park

A huge water park near Phuket Town [toc] Andamanda Phuket is an immense new water park near Phuket Town, passed Kathu when coming from Patong Beach. This massive park covers a staggering 100,000 sq.m. and 25 attractions, including many impressive waterslides, a 10,000 sq.m. swimming area with artificial waves and the longest lazy river in southeast Asia (550 metres!). Andamanda is divided into 5 main theme zones, all decorated with

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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket

Phuket Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Where to bathe with elephants in Phuket? [toc] The Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket gives visitors a unique chance to get close to elephants in a fun way. Here, no one rides the animals; the old controversial elephant trekking time is over. In an Elephant Sanctuary, you feed, play and bathe adults and baby elephants in a way you never experienced before. However, keep in mind that bathing with elephants is

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Patong Go-Kart Speedway

Phuket Go Kart Speedway

A Go-Kart Track In The Middle Of Phuket [toc] Patong Go-Kart Speedway is one of three Go-Kart tracks you can find in Phuket and no doubt has the most varied karts fleet and a very good track to offer. The Speedway is located about 30 minutes from Patong Beach, which is one of the main areas of Phuket. Whether you are a pro driver or just arriving for the first

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Krua Pai Lin Restaurant

Krua Pai Lin Restaurant Kathu

A local restaurant near Kathu Waterfalls [toc] Krua Pai Lin Restaurant (Sapphire) is a good and real local restaurant just before reaching the Kathu Waterfalls in Kathu, a great spot to stop over for a fun lunch after your little exploration. Krua Pai Lin is a typically local Thai restaurant; great to try something different and good, just the way Thai people like it. It was nothing fancy, just great

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We Camping Phuket

We Camping Phuket

A fun open-air restaurant in Kathu We Camping Phuket is a local restaurant in Kathu, with a fun camping decor and a vast outdoor sitting area. Despite the name, the place is not related to camping at all: it is the theme of the decor where customers can sit outdoors while taking photos in the makeshift tents. The food and drinks are good and cheap and the team is friendly.

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Somtam Puma 2 Kathu (ส้มตำปูม้า 2)

Somtam Puma 2 Kathu

An excellent local restaurant in Kathu Somtam Puma 2 Kathu (ส้มตำปูม้า 2) is another hidden local restaurant we really enjoy in Kathu. (Puma in Thai means Blue Crab! ). The food is excellent, truly local, the team is great, it's cheap and the surrounding is fun. You can choose to sit at normal tables or at one of those 'salas' most tourists find so uncomfortable. [gallery type="rectangular" link="file" size="large" ids="48969,48970,48971,48972,48973,48974,48975,48976,48977,48978,48979,48980,48981"]

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Kathu, Phuket


What to do and where to eat in Kathu? [toc] Kathu is a small village and a small district, halfway between Phuket town and Patong Beach. The name of Kathu is not unknown, but very few people add it to their list of Things to Do in Phuket. The village of Kathu itself is not impressive, except maybe for a couple of temples, a few mural paintings and an annual

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Pizzeria da Moreno at Kathu

Ristorante Pizzeria da Moreno at Kathu

A great pizzeria in Kathu [toc] Pizzeria Da Moreno is a casual Italian restaurant by the roadside of Kathu, near Lock Palm Golf Club. (In case you are unfamiliar with Phuket, Kathu is between Patong beach and Phuket Town). The bright and unpretentious design of the restaurant makes it instantly inviting, and the place has been popular with expats and locals for a long time. As you walk in, you

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KC Kathu Connection Phuket

Kathu Connection Waterpark Phuket

A waterpark with Slip N Fly for parties in Kathu [toc] Note: KC Kathu Connection is closed until further notice KC Kathu Connection (officially KC Kathu Connection Sports Club Bar & Restaurant) is a small water park roughly halfway between Phuket Town and Patong, not far from Kathu Village. The main attraction is the 'Slip N Fly' double slider. This is not your usual water slide, where you gently slide

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Lai Thu Tao Bo Keng Shrine in Kathu ⛩️

Kathu Shrine

The Kathu Shrine [toc] Lai Thu Tao Bo Keng is one of the oldest Chinese shrines in Phuket, and many believe it was the birthplace of the Phuket Vegetarian Festival nearly two centuries ago. The shrine is located in the subdistrict of Kathu in the island’s interior, between Phuket Town and Patong Beach. Though it’s not well known as a tourist attraction, Kathu Shrine is an important part of the

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Red Clam Restaurant in Kathu (Hoi Pai Daeng)

Red Clam Kathu Restaurant in Phuket

A fun local restaurant in Kathu [toc] Red Clam in Kathu, or Hoi Pai Daeng in Thai, is a local restaurant serving good and simple Thai food, perfect for sharing with your friends at the end of the day, the way Thai food is best enjoyed. The restaurant is modest, but the setting is fun, with a vast open-air garden with open tables and those typical bamboo huts so popular

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Khrua Ohm Restaurant Phuket

Krua Ohm Restaurant in Kathu, Phuket

A modest but excellent Thai restaurant in Kathu [toc] Krua Ohm is a small and modest local Thai restaurant in Kathu with a mention on the famous Michelin Guide for two consecutive years. The restaurant, hidden between Patong Beach and Phuket Town, is so discreet on the side of a street of Kathu, you will probably miss it the first time you drive in front of it, even if you

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Krua Thung Thong (Big Chicken Restaurant)

Big Chicken Restaurant Phuket

A favourite local Thai Restaurant in Kathu [toc] Big Chicken Restaurant (Thung Thong Restaurant) is one of our three favourite venues in Kathu. If you drove past the Phuket Country Club in the past twenty years, you certainly saw that massive chicken statue on the side of the road. It's a simple, affordable, nice and clean restaurant with very friendly service and they even have an air-con room! But the

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Kathu Waterfall in Phuket

Phuket Waterfalls

What to do at Kathu waterfall? [toc] Kathu waterfall is small but can be attractive during the rainy season when the strong stream and the tropical vegetation are dense and green. It is more pleasant than the higher Tonsai and Bang Pae Waterfalls, and access is free of charge. The Kathu waterfall can be disappointing if you don't know which way to walk and when to go. For a long

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Wakeboarding in Phuket at Popular Phuket Wake Park 🏄

Wakeboarding in Phuket at Phuket Wake Park

Cable Ski Wakeboarding in Phuket [toc] Wakeboarding in Phuket is a popular activity at Phuket Wake Park around an O-shaped lake equipped with a 700 m long cable running counterclockwise at 30 km/h for a fun cable ski experience. This cable ski has been in Kathu for a long time, but we only started this thrilling sport in recent years. Wakeboard is much easier to enjoy than one would imagine!

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Krua Jongjit Kitchen Kathu in Phuket

Krua Jongjit Restaurant in Phuket, Kathu

Krua Jongjit Restaurant in Kathu [toc] Krua Jongjit restaurant in Kathu is proof that a restaurant doesn't have to be fancy or expensive to be excellent, and even receive a Michelin Plate for fresh ingredients, carefully prepared. The restaurant is local and modest, the prices are low and the food served is excellent and truly local, making it a good culinary experience while in Phuket. Krua Jongjit received a 'Michelin

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Wat Kathu – A beautiful Buddhist temple in Phuket

Wat Kathu in Phuket

A beautiful hidden Buddhist temple in Phuket [toc] Wat Kathu, or Kathu temple, is a not very well-known landmark among tourists, but local photographers know how beautiful it is. This Buddhist temple is on the way to Phuket Town and not far from Patong, but because it stands away from the main road, most people don't even consider visiting it. Wat Kathu is not very big but certainly has a

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Nai Dam Restaurant in Kathu

Nai Dam Restaurant Phuket

A great local restaurant in Kathu [toc] Nai Dam Restaurant in Kathu looks just like any restaurant by the roadside of Phuket. It's not fancy, there are no exterior signs of luxury and even the restaurant signboard is hardly visible. We are not easily impressed after trying so many restaurants all around Thailand, but on that day, we were! Nai Dam Restaurant is a great place for those who know

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Flying Hanuman Phuket – Zipline near Patong Beach

Tyrolienne de Phuket - Flying Hanuman Phuket

Flying Hanuman Jungle Zipline Adventure [toc] Flying Hanuman Phuket is an immense zipline adventure in the jungle above Kathu village, between Phuket town and Patong. If you need a break from your lazy day on the beach and if you travel with friends, this is an unforgettable adventure. It's a perfect way to spend a cloudy day with a good laugh and some fantastic stories and photos to take home.

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